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Misery Loves Mr. Wild Dingo

Misery Loves Mr. Wild Dingo

April 19, 2010
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Or is it Mr. Wild Dingo loves Misery? I can't decide. You see, Juno loves to play the misery card when Mr. Wild Dingo showers her with attention. I know, I know. Dogs don't like to be held or hugged. But honestly, I could hug Juno for 10 minutes and she'd thump her tail the entire time.

When Mr. Wild Dingo approaches, all she offers him are groans, moans and huffs. It's a good thing he doesn't take it personally. Because he sure loves making her miserable!

"Oh crud. Here he goes again with the hugging thing. My jodhpurs will have to be re-floofed again!"

When Juno first came to live with us, she actually liked Mr. Wild Dingo. We don't know what happened. Maybe the day we moved furniture and it scared her so bad, she ran into a wall. We don't know. But some time a few months after she came to live with us, she decided Mr. Wild Dingo was evil. No amount of food or her favorite one-on-one trail runs could convince her otherwise. So he took her to training. That was the one thing that got them bonded closer. And it worked--mostly. She's so much happier around him and will come when she's called, she'll kiss him and wag at him. But she still enjoys playing the misery card.

"How's my pout? Do I need more sad eyes? Should I give out a groan?"

They have their own secret little game. Mr. Wild Dingo approaches Juno, she runs away to a corner, he follows her and then showers her with affection while she acts shy, snobby or disgruntled.

Wait a minute! This sounds and exactly like the recall they teach in training but in the wrong direction. The person is supposed to run away and the dog is supposed to run to the person! Not the other way around!

Sigh. It's obvious Juno paid attention in school more than Mr. Wild Dingo did. She taught Mr. Wild Dingo the recall command quite well!  She has him wrapped right around her paw. All she has to do is pout.

"Pop, we're in the kitchen. This means, you must dispense of the foodables if you are to enjoy my misery."

And people say Sibes can't be trained. Ha!  They can be trained alright. They can be trained to train you!

Sigh. That damn Sibe.

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17 comments on “Misery Loves Mr. Wild Dingo”

  1. Ah! How clever! Mr. Wild Dingo is easily duped into showering Miss Thing with attentions. Love that don't touch me look. Yuh. She kind of looks like a sack of potatoes in the first two photos. Where is the good dog Loki during all this?


  2. Phew, I am most grateful for your post. It supports my cause and my own take on training. You do look like daddy's girl, Juno, regardless of the fact that you want to play hard to get. BTW, Juno again, I'm going to "use" your daddy as an example in tomorrow's post. Maybe that will put a smile on your face.
    Haven't forgotten about you, beloved Loki. Mwahs from the girls...

  3. Ah, Camille, and Mr. Wild Dingo is playing Armand. How lovely. I know for a fact that it's not entirely true that dogs don't like to be hugged and held. We are not all the same no matter what our instincts tell us. I think some of us know our humans well enough to understand that huggies are an important expression of love.

    wags, Lola

  4. Gee, I guess I should take some lessons. So are you offering courses on-line??? How many green papers do you charge???
    PeeS... I think I would prefer having that "soap" thingy called the Young and the CATless instead of the Dawgless. I'm just sayin'. hehehe

  5. Ahh,now it all makes sense - that's exactly what they mean at obedience school when they say the class is designed to train the owner, not the pup:) Thanks for the great lesson, Juno. Now we are off to test this new idea out.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. I LOVE getting hugs and tummy rubs and scritches! Maybe Mr. Wild Dingo could come and cuddle with me! I'm a total attention hog!


  7. A gril's goot do what a girl's gotta do.
    About that pout... I think woo got it downjust right, Juno!

    Miss Moo

  8. Ooh Juno, I love your "At least buy me dinner first" face...
    and moving the action to the kitchen is ALWAYS smart.
    Me, I don't mind a cuddle here and there but strictly on my own terms. As soon as Maman starts showing her " I-am-going-to-love-you-to-death" face I do my magic trick of instantly turning my 33 Lbs into one metric ton* of uncomplying canine and unleash my secret weapon, a "peel-paint-off-the-wall" Death Yodel. Or I fart; we BTs are very big on farting, he he he. A few more defensive options here Juno; just suggestin'

    * At least! And don't get me started on the Toot Attack...
    Why, exactly, do we love them ungracious, gaseous beasts so, mewonders?! But I am not bitter.(From the Maman)

  9. I pretend that I don't like attention too. When Mom hugs me, I like to make "mmm" noises. Mom says I talk a big talk, but she knows what's really going on because I roll over and let her rub my tummy.


  10. Dear Loki and Juno
    It's me norwood. I've been very amiss at blogging back and just wanted you to know that I still read your blog. How could I not? And miss that princess post... geesch! Hmm here's what you do.. Mr. WD gets to hug u in the kitchen which needs to be reciprocated when he's on the couch or in the bed. You get to hug and snuggle with him then... which I am most certain he will love.


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