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May 25, 2010
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We can't find a crate tall enough for Loki's ears. Pet relocation services tell us that an airline crate should be 4" taller than your dog's head and 4" longer than his body. While that's all fine and dandy, nobody gave us details on how to find a crate for a dog with gynormous ears. It's likely we'll have to have a crate modified or one specially made for him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wild Dingo tries to help Loki get over his fear of crates.

"What kind of treat did Pop get to go in there?"

"Hey Princess, is this a circus car? How many clowns can we fit in this thing?"
"You're the only clown around here Big Boy."

"No barbarians allowed inside."

"Pop did you get a liver treat to come in here? Do you find they give you gas?"

"It's a good thing that crate is heavily ventilated Pop. If you catch my drift."

"Look Princess! Liver treats mysteriously appeared in the crate of doom!"

"Now if I could just figure out how to get the liver treats out of the dreaded crate of doom. Hmm. Must think."

"Move out of the way Big Boy and let me show you how it's done."

"You just go in, clean up the treats and check for more."

"And that's how it's done."
"Wow! You make it look so simple Princess. Let me try!"

"Hmmm. Now how did you do that again?"

"Now's a good time for Pop's 9.5 sized flip-flop to finish the job. It's a darn shame the shoe gnomes keep eating them."

The next morning, Loki, still unable to commit his whole body to the inside of a crate, discovers the joys of being limber.

"Must. Not. Let. Back. Feet. Inside!"

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22 comments on “Crate-o-phobic”

  1. Loki - Tartok is totally with you on this one. The Herd all likes their crates as does Miss Ruby, but Mr. Tartok is quite clear that he can retrieve a treat from a crate, but no interest in staying in there at all.

    P.S. - Shoe Gnomes - snicker.

  2. Maybe Loki can wear a bandanna tied around his head and chin to push those ears down:) We all love our crates too, hope you can find one to work for Loki and that he will like.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Loki, here's a practical prank you can play on your Dad. The next time when he goes inside, you can try to lock him in!!!

    As for your ears, have you thought of wearing a bonnet, it might 'reduces' your ears size...


  4. Awww- you can do it Loki! That is how Moose treats elevators. As long as his back feet don't cross the threshold he can stretch like some kinda elastic doggie to get treats!

  5. Well I can't help with where to find a HOOOOGE crate or to make you like it, butt I can say this...
    You have the very bestest grrrreat sport for a dad that the world has ever seen.
    Furst the Cone of Shame, Now.. the Crate of Crazyness.
    What a Guy!!!

  6. Woooos! Mum had the same problem with Scampi, look up Susan Garrett's crate games, on youtube, it really helps! Loved the Dad in the crate... bol...
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Very funny sequence! K has a fear of one crate in particular - all the others are fine. And, she does the huge stretch to reach food in the back of it, keeping those hind paws on the floor. We fed her all meals in the back of the crate for a month before giving up. She can use the other crate...

  8. How about flying Mr Wild Dingo in the crate so that Loki can take his business class seat?
    Ear-clearance problem solved; just suggestin'

  9. Loki! If your back feet are on the floor you are still not in the crate. Do not tempt fate! Regarding your ears... perhaps you will need to wear a snood for your journey. I understand they come in nice colors.

    And by the way, if Mr. Wild Dingo likes that crate so much why doesn't he ride in it and give you his seat? His ears seem to fit OK.


  10. I have had the same issue with crates for Finley... Between the gangles and the ears... Some one needs to come up with a Formosan crate!

  11. I wonder if you could get by wrapping a scarf around his head to hold his ears down? Haroorooroo!!

    Maybe you could try some ham instead?


  12. I had to have a crate custom-made for me, Loki - you could have fit my whole family (and yours!) into my crate - ha! ha! ha! My pet transport agency actually told my humans to take me in so they could measure me specifically to work out exactly how much space around me is needed in the crate (coz too big and I'll rattle around and not be safe) - and it was good to meet them too so that they wouldn't be strangers on the day they came to pick me up - since my humans wouldn't be there.

    Looks like you guys are getting into the swing of moving! Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. We'll send you one of our bandanas to hold you ears down. Or you have your humans cut two holes in the top of the crate for your ears to stick thru.

    You Dad seems to be a very good sport. I'm sure he'll come up with a good solution.

  14. I think you have the right idea. Make Mr. Wild Dingo ride in the crate while Loki sits in first class.


    PS. Mom is wondering how you think Loki will do in the airplane since he has his fears.

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