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Living Fast

Living Fast

May 15, 2010
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All 17 readers of Wild Dingo may have noticed posting has been light these past few weeks. As our move to Lausanne is starting to become a reality, we've been rushing to get our current home in good shape so that we don't come back to a disaster. That means having a new well installed,  trees cut, storage areas cleaned out, cars primed for selling, inventory listed, plumbing fixed, generator serviced and the list goes on. Wild Dingo has been living a fast life.

Yet, some of Wild Dingo staff seem to be weathering the chaos without too much trouble. Would you agree? 

"What's all the noise about? Can't you see I'm working on my tan?"

"Big Boy, you sure are color blind. Can't you see you're already tan?"

"Princess, then maybe I should put some sun screen on those alabaster gams of yours. I wouldn't want you to get burned."
"Yawn. I wasn't born yesterday. You'll have to come up with a better line than that."

"Hey waitress! We'd like two coconut Pawgeritas and some mixed nuts. Make it snappy."

"Um Princess, do waitresses normally laugh like that when you order a drink?"

"Only when they aren't expecting a tip."

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16 comments on “Living Fast”

  1. So Mr. and Mrs. Wild Dingo are working hard and you two are just baking? You'll ned to do better than that if you want any nommy foodables.


  2. I have really missed your wonderful adventures. Of corse this post is more of a Rest and Relaxation story. I think that is well deserved after all the snoopervising you must have been doing with all the preperations taking shape.
    I'm thinkin' you are about to have the adventure of a lifetime.

  3. I think you two are doing an excellent service by staying out of the way and the humans should be glad about that. Somedoggies I know insist on staying under foot when packing and general departure preparations ensue!

  4. I am sure all the supervising Juno and Loki have to do is just exhausting! They deserve a break! I can't believe you wouldn't get them those pawgueritas!

  5. our pawrents have been ignoring us too, with the new house & all. That's okay, gives us more time for hunting!!! They can work & we'll bring home dinner!

    jack a-roo & miss moo, successful hunters

  6. How can Loki and Juno permit all this important activity without their snoopervision? I'd be a nervous wreck leaving all that to the humans.

    wags, Lola

  7. Oh, that's the story...

    I thought maybe JBJ put Wild Dingo in one of those down/stay thingies and neglekhted to khall her!


  8. Hang in there with the big move!!

    Nice to see the Loki and Juno can relax!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  9. Seventeen readers? You have 49 followers silly. 🙂 And I'm proud to be one of them even though I haven't been commenting much. 🙁

    Sorry you're having to run around and work so hard, but the pups sure look happy! That's what counts right?? 😉

  10. You have way more thatn 17 readers. We are so far behind with our reading. But we think it is very important for Juno and Loki to be resting for the big move AND to be keeping tabs on the workers. Somepup has to do the snoopervising.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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