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Last Tour of Santa Cruz

Last Tour of Santa Cruz

August 13, 2010
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I'm a bit obsessed lately with soaking up the coastline.  There's something about living near a coastline that feels free. You'd think I'd have spent all my free time at the beach, but like a lot of us in Silicon Valley, I took it for granted. I guess it takes moving to a country without a coastline to suddenly become quite attached to the beach.

"Hey Princess, what should we do? Cruise the boardwalk or surf the beach for some action?"
"Tough decision. The boardwalk is filled with deliciousness. The beach is filled with ... Wait, is this a trick question?"

A month ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I took them to the boardwalk and had lunch.

"So this is what you do when you leave us at home?"

Both were very well behaved at the restaurant, until...

"Hm. The Juno Mind Trick is not working. Perhaps I should resort to my other husky powers."

Back at the Beach: I seriously wonder how Juno puts up with Cujo, err, I mean, Loki. I mean, when you have this (below) coming at you full speed 23 hours a day, it's gotta get tiresome, huh?

"Hey Princess, it's git down time!"
"Only if you want to wear your face on backwards, Dork-Boy."

Loki meets a small Shepherd mix he seems to like.

"Dude I told you, NOT on the first date!"

Juno wants in on the action with the new shepherd.

"Come here Toots. Let's you and me have a little chat."

"How about I take a rain check on that?"

"Hey Mom, check pit my new pal. He's a real hepcat, dingdong daddy. His name is Ridge!"
"Um, come again?"
(It means you're cool Mr. Ridge.)

I love this shot of the little white dog. That little fella wouldn't leave Loki alone. He barked at Loki endlessly and Loki graciously ignored him.


 "See ya Mom! I'm going to go play with the big kids!"

Loki pretty much ignored the fella, until ...

"So little fella, you wanna piece of me now?"
"Err, I was just kiddin' Mr. Loki J."
(Loki was politely playful to the little obnoxious dude. Loki digs his own cracker kind.)

There's something about the beach that brings out Loki's yogi. Here he is yet again, in side crow pose.

"Om, baby."

This little min-pin, Junie, was Loki's BFF instantly. Loki adores little dogs. While he and this little fella played chase, the min-pin reversed his direction straight under Loki's back paws while Loki was in mid air. Loki saw it and in mid air, contorted his body in such a way, he miraculously missed landing on and squashing the little guy.


"I like this little fella. There's something very familiar about him. I just can't put my paw on it."

I love the composition of this photo. The colors work magically. Too bad Juno's expression is not better matched to Loki's. I didn't get many because it was the end of the day and these two were done with working. Sheesh. Like they should have a say in that or something.


"I'm sure gonna miss the Santa Cruz babes and cruisin' the beach boardwalk."
"I have no idea how they will Keep Santa Cruz Weird, without a cracker like you."

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10 comments on “Last Tour of Santa Cruz”

  1. Teehee. We rather like the little white cracker dog. Sort of reminds me of the little cracker Yorkie we met at the pond today. The little beast was a tennis ball thief! Most excellent beach times!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  2. Well, look on the bright side; you will be tradng beach babes and boardwalk for the snow bunnies and crusin the Alps, not to mention the St. Bernards and their Cognac.

    Remy and Flash

  3. Oh - you're going to miss the beach so much! We sort of live close to the beach now but it's still a drive compared to being in Auckland - nothing like living in a harbour city! - and we really miss the easy access. But yeah, I know what you mean about taking things for granted!
    Still, Europe has more than enough things to make up for it!


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