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We Interupt this Swiss Programming for a Masticatory Break

We Interupt this Swiss Programming for a Masticatory Break

August 24, 2010
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I drove Mr. Wild Dingo to the airport yesterday. Nothing like arriving in a new country for 2 days and throwing me to the lions with "drive here and go there and speak to these people."  After the stress of driving on the highways and getting honked at in traffic circles, I came home to this:

"I found these like this."

All the rooms in this house have doors, including the living room and kitchen. We basically shut all the doors except the kitchen and "dog room" and leave them to the foyer, dog room and kitchen. Seems safe enough, right? Well, until Mr. Wild Dingo forgets to take his sunglasses off the window sill where the dogs love to watch us come and go.

"Nobody needs this many pairs of sunglasses mom. I'm helping Pop out here."

"And this pair? Let's just say I did him a huge favor here. The style is so five-minutes ago!"

To punish her, I took her and Loki on a long walk through the farms and vineyards. We got to see goats, donkeys and more horses. I got stung by a bee. Teaches me to punish a Sibe I guess.

Later, I rushed out of the house to go do some errands. The parking situation completely stressed me out. There's more room to park a Hummer in a pack of sardines than there is to park a Smartcar in a Swiss parking spot. If I gain 3 more pounds I won't be able to get out of any parked car in Switzerland. It took me 10 minutes to park in a spot, shuffling the car back and forth while a polite person behind me waited.

I came home completely exhausted from the ordeal. (O.K. so I'm jet lagged too. Anything is going to exhaust me.) And I came home to find this:

"Mom, I know you're really upset that you can't get the wireless router working so I let Linksys know how Siberians feel about technology that doesn't work."

Ooops. Looks like I forgot to shut one of the living room doors (there are two).  Sadly, this is not her first Suisse masticatory destruction/mischief. Her first mastication was with a bottle of T-9 bike lube in the basement. So now the nice cool basement is off limits to the Sibe.

I sure hope Mr. Wild Dingo doesn't need to return that router.

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20 comments on “We Interupt this Swiss Programming for a Masticatory Break”

  1. A Sibe is a sibe is a sibe and will never change.

    Hey, tell Juno to come back and see Phantom NOW - he has added more manliness to his face:(

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Well, you'll never be in danger of becoming a hoarder with Juno around to dispose of anything that's not being used that exact second.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. He eh eh...We have this picture in our mind's eyes of a Smartcar fully loaded with a Sibe and a GSFD, wildly careening around traffic circles... Are you driving standard to boot?

    "Are the pups bilingual yet?" asks BB, who'd be happy to help with anything French.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! It's funny as heck on my end, but maybe in Switzerland it's not as funny. I love her facial expressions in those photos!

    Three pounds? And you're in the land of Swiss chocolate? Maybe you should hire a driver!

  5. Maybe the canines are a little stressed out by the move? That would be my guess. But, maybe they also think that you need a leaner and meaner household with fewer possessions 🙂

    Thanks for your comments over at my blog. Let me say that I've almost figured out that it was true criminals who stole my cams and not an evil blog reader. But, let me add that two incidents earlier this summer were *undoubtedly* blog related. I have no idea why my blog would make people want to do mean things to me... but it did. I think that it might simply be that I'm a happy and exuberant person with a positive attitude. Mean-spirited people don't like that. I came within an inch of stopping my blog but decided that would be a victory for "them".

    In any case, it's great to be back in touch with you!

  6. Dear Mrs. Wild Dingo, maybe this is a hint to "take the Sibe with you wherever you go".

    Did ya get the message yet?

    jack a-roo & miss moo

  7. HAHAHA! So do sunglasses taste better in Switzerland? (And just remember, unless they catch you in the act, they can't PROVE it was you. I'm just saying...)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  8. Ha! Juno - I can see you're up to your old tricks already!! Pity your poor human who must be EXHAUSTED!! I think it's a message to Mr Wild Dingo - to punish him for leaving you all alone again already!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. I see the evil squirrels live in Switzerland too! You just can't get away from those destructive devils!


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