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It Sucks Here

It Sucks Here

September 20, 2010
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On a recent bike ride through the Jura villages, farms and mountains Mr. Wild Dingo says to me,"It totally sucks here."  And I'm like, "Ya, let's go home. Just one more ride."  In fact, it sucks so bad here that we couldn't even take photos of our lame-ass rides through the quaint villages or rolling hills.  So we'll share a few really boring photos of the dogs having a bad time here.

This is the dock for the cruise ship that stops here a few times per day. They don't look like they like it much, do they?

The cruise ship serves a gourmet dinner on it, which even the locals find tempting.

The photo below was taken exactly a minute or two on the same day after the first photo above. Check out the drama in the sky compared to the sky in the first photo. It amazes me that it can be so diverse here.

"Handsome, there's a new doggie sport called 'dock diving' that I know you'll just love. Why don't you go take your first plunge?"
"Princess, I'll think I'll stick to dock paw crossing."

On Sunday's, Mr. Wild Dingo and I take the dogs into town for a family brunch. I don't know if I'm paranoid or what but we seem to get a lot of stares. I think it's the husky, but then again, Loki loves to give off those cracker eyes that look like he's about to pounce.


"I have cracker eyes? I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Just wait until a black lab walks by, then it's all down hill from there Mom!"

"Suddenly, Poppy is my new best friend."

"Resistance is futile."

"Oh yeah, come to Momma."

"Nothing better than a salami sub on a Sunday morning in Swissi-land."

"Handsome, our fans are waiting for us to grace them with our presence."
"I'm ready whenever you are Princess. Shall I jump on and 'Arrgghh' the Mommy?"

The walk along side the lake is one of their favorites. There are geese and swans to watch, ice cream to hope for and doggies to meet everywhere.


All the villages have several potable drinking fountains that even doggies can use. It saves me the hassle of carrying an extra water bottle.

Yup, we hate it here.

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15 comments on “It Sucks Here”

  1. Well, the Mango is confused... like it or not? Whatever. I am sure that the Swiss have never seen anything like Loki, right? He is one of a kind. Look at him all puffed up full of himself in that last photo.

    Hey! Did the fence go up? Are you getting off leash cracker dog time yet?


  2. Oh Juno, woo are a star wherever woo are! Just look at that smile - yup, resistance is futile! Loki Loki Loki... relax!!! Since woo are stuck there, woo might as well enjoy it. Would woo like us to come keep woo company????

    jack a-roo & miss moo

  3. Why oh why oh why

    Do woo torture us and make us look at the disgusting unappealing khrap?

    Woo really need to have more explicit warnings on your posts!

    I'm glad to see the paws still khross despite being on the other side of The Big Pond

    PeeEssWoo: Now to sit and wait fur another ikhky nasty post from Frommage et Chokholat Land!

  4. What a sad, sad post. I'm so sorry you have to experience lovely walks on nice days in a beautiful, beautiful country.

    The next time I pass an Applebees I'll think of you and wish you all the good things you're missing out on.

  5. Yeah RIGHT... we can SEE how much you all HATE it in Swissi Land. Pfffffft. You ALMOST had me fooled there for about 87 seconds though. Beautiful!!

  6. Poor babies, life is so ruff. We will think of you when we are at our dirty, smelly hot dog park, or strolling the local mini mall

    To keep with the American finde dining theme lets see, Subway sandwich or European/Swissi-land Deli shop. Hmmmmmm Decisions , decisions.

    Remi and Flash

  7. I'm feeling so bad for you! Let me see if I can dig out the world's tiniest violin and play you a sad song!

    Speaking of Cracker dogs, I think mine just scared the Schwann's man away permanently!

    Lilac thanks you for the birthday wishes, too!

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