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Vous Comprenez?

Vous Comprenez?

September 14, 2010
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That seems to be the staple thing that people say to me when I look at them like they're from Mars.  Another week has passed and I'm no better at speaking French. But I sure speak Ikea fairly well. Most of my time is spent shopping and buying home furnishings and it leaves little time for brushing up on my French.  Mr. Wild Dingo called a gardener for our lawn to meet with me. I still don't know if I bought gardening services twice per month or twice per week.

Loki's doing much better. The training has helped a lot. Thank you for all your suggestions for helping him adjust.  He is much happier when Mr. Wild Dingo isn't traveling. He's even getting used to sitting up on retaining wall along Lake Leman without much anxiety.

"See how nice it is up here Handsome? We can stay here all day and chill out!"
"Princess, I'm not taking Lake Lemanness monster for granted. I'm ready to split if he roars again!"

We registered both dogs and ourselves with the Tolochenaz community and are applying for our drivers license. Unfortunately for Mr. Wild Dingo, since he just renewed his license this year and cannot prove he's had one since he was 16, his insurance will be at the rate of a "new driver."  The US is the only country that does not show when a person's first license was obtained so it looks like he's only been driving less than a year on his current license. Some countries never renew driver's licenses or even update the photos on them.

I'm having trouble finding decent dog food. All dog food and treats here are made with grain. Although I feed raw, I usually feed a base of dehydrated raw, Honest Kitchen, and supplement with frozen raw products that have been already grounded down. Both were conveniently sold in a pet store in the U.S. I tried to feed them a raw chicken leg the other night. Loki just looked at me and asked, "and just what am I supposed to do with this?"  This wasn't the first time he did this when I served him a raw meaty bone. Juno, the connoisseur of all things edible and non-edible, picked up her leg and tried to take it to the living room. She had no trouble figuring out what to do with it. She's a natural at raw. Loki happily eats raw recreational bones such as femurs, knuckles and marrow. But give him a neck or a leg and he's confused. So I'll most likely have to feed him ground or chopped raw food.

"I don't know why Mom is stressing out over getting us fresh meat when there's duck, geese and fish right in Lake Leman. You're a barbarian. Go hunt us some dinner!"
"Princess, I prefer my pate chopped or minced in light cream sauce served with a side of marrow bone for dessert."

Since I like things easy, I'm at a loss at how to feed them. The freezer in our refrigerator holds about 3 hamburger patties, a pint of ice cream and two beer glasses. Since frozen beer glassses are a 'must have' at Wild Dingo, I had to buy a (very small) freezer that will probably only hold a week's supply of meat.  I did find two raw meat vendors who could deliver organic chopped meat, organs (offal) and bone for dogs, but their language is German and I'm not even sure if they deliver to Western (French) Switzerland yet.  If I can't find dehydrated raw products or pre-ground or pre-chopped raw meat at a reasonable price, I may end up asking a local butcher for left over meat, bones and offal, buy a grinder to grind it myself. But it seems so time consuming for someone who doesn't have a job and spends her time playing with dogs or riding a bike.  As for their training treats, I am cooking up boneless chicken for now, but I'm researching recipes. I'm so not a good baker. I burn everything. Hopefully I may at least find some dehydrated liver in some pet stores.

I love the weather here. It's different every day. The skies can be so varied in one day.  It's very difficult to capture it on camera although. A few nights ago, the sunset illuminated the tops of the Alps. I tried to capture it below but it doesn't convey even close to beauty of it in real time.

"Hey Handsome, I see some fresh boeuf meet over there. Ya wanna go wrestle us up le diner pour ce soir?"
"Princess, my rule of thumb is never eat something that stares at me. C'est mauvais karma."

In the photo below, the sun is hitting the very tip of the mountains. I love how dark and dramatic it feels. Probably because both dogs are so focused on the two horses in the next pasture.

"How about wrestling up some cheval then Handsome? I hear they eat horse here a lot."
"Princess, je suis végétarien pour le moment. Tu comprend?"

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12 comments on “Vous Comprenez?”

  1. Vous êtes trop drôle! Jack suggests you try the local raw foods - escargots, lapins, les oiseaux chanteurs, et petit moles... Juno will know how to acquire them.
    It does look gorgeous there - once you get the drivers license things figured out,can you drive up into the mountains? I imagine the view is spectacular!

  2. Ack! Choke! Cough! Please don't eat horse!! I was raised on a farm and don't mind eating most things, but not the horses please! 🙂

    Sounds like you're having the same issues I'm having with feeding raw. Sometimes I feel like they get too much chicken, but it's so difficult to get variety here. I think I'm going to get some Missing Link to supplement them with so we don't have any deficiencies.

    Glad they settled in well. I hope you get something with the raw situation figured out. It's so much better for our dogs but sometimes a pain in the butt lol.

  3. Mais bien sur!

    Les lapins est tres bonnes!

    As fur looking as if woo khame from Mars, they are khlose!

    KhaliFURnia might as well be 😉

    PeeEssWoo: Mom is pikhturing my floof and 'loons in all those beaWOOtiful scenery shots!

  4. Loki may be up on that wall, but his body looks poised to bolt:) That monster must be very scary.

    Good luck on the food issue - must be tough to have to deal with that on top of all the other adjustments.

    Your photos are just awesome - our Mom has miles to go before she comes even close to that.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Loki, you need to quit acting like a Euro and remember you are an American and eat everything that is put in front of you and ask to have it supersized and then ask for seconds and desert.

    Remy and Flash

  6. Darwin won't eat raw chicken necks for some reason either. Actually she used to eat pieces of raw chicken, and now wont eat any raw chicken piece. She does love raw beef though. I think you could dry/bake liver yourself... I've never tried it, but I think I saw a recipe online somewhere... basically just leave it on a baking sheet and bake forever at a low temp.

  7. Immersion!! For you - not the puppies! 🙂 You'll be parlez-ing française tout de suite!

    I also found that it helps to speak LOUDLY and SLOWLY - the locals always love that! 🙂

  8. Good heaven! You've landed in some kind of deserted wasteland! And I thought living in the middle of the cornfield was bad! At least you have better chocolate.

    Loki, I don't see you staying a vegetarian for long!

  9. Hiya Julie,

    I'm writing this email from Barcelona! Yeah! I'm on my vacation at this time. I thought I'll drop you a quick reply. So, my darling, how are you getting on?

    I need to look at my dog receipes again as some of them might contain grains. I will have a look when I'm back.

    I'm sure you'll find a solution soon for the dogs' diet. Have you discuss this with your vet?

    Speak to you soon.


    PS: You take some good pictures. Have you thought of investing in some serious camere like Canon 500D, somthing like that? You live in a booti-ful place with plenty of photo opportunities so... I know you have a lot on your plate at this moment but I thought you might want to take this into considerations when you are more settled down?

  10. I can't believe I've somehow missed your blog this whole time. I've got a lot of reading to catch up on!

    I'm not sure how much help I could be, but I speak French (used to be almost fluent, now a little out of practice) as well as German (not as well as French but good enough to converse), so if you need help translating/contacting any German butchers, let me know! Hope you find good food for the dogs.

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