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I Suppose This Will Do

I Suppose This Will Do

November 1, 2010
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This month's masthead features another stunning photo right outside our office window taken from this photo below.


The dogs are settling in and are finally starting to appreciate living here. Loki's resigned himself to "making do" with this terrible living arrangement. One look out the window on any given day and we all find ourselves thinking "yup, this will do."

There's a lot of gorgeous sunsets and moon rises outside our office window. So much so that it was hard to choose one for the banner. I'm not one to take photos of sunsets or sun rises and posting them up on the blog because, well, there are usually no dogs in the photo so what's the point, right?  But I haven't been able to help myself. I see a sunset or sunrise like the one above or the one below and I grab the camera. Here was the alternate photo that made it difficult to choose:

It was taken from this sunrise outside the office window below:

As usual, I sent my masthead comps to Mr. Wild Dingo so he can help choose or give input. He liked both this time, but alas he claimed "Why did you take out Juno's color  but why not Loki too? You always favor her."  Sigh. It always comes down to boys against the girls, doesn't it?  Um, hello, Mr. Wild Dingo: Juno IS black and white! And Loki is black and brown.It's not like I converted her to black and white and not Loki. Besides her tongue is pink in the photo.

As if I'd favor either one. The truth is, I find myself questioning why I have a Siberian in the first place when so much of my personality favors a Shepherd breed. But they'd have to kill me before anyone could tear my Siberian from my clutches. There's something "very dingo" about the Sibe in our house, which makes me very bonded to her. She's definitely smarter than you'd think comparing her to a working Shepherd. But favor her over Loki? Nope. I wouldn't dare. Well maybe a little bit but only when Loki's not looking.

I can't tell you how many times I get to see the sun peak through the clouds, light up the Alps or light up the lake. In fact, I've the seen the moon do some freaky gorgeous illuminations too.

Like this photo above. On the bottom of the photo is the moon's reflection on Lake Geneva.

Here's another shot of the moon rising over Lausanne or Evian. Give me a break, I can't tell because it's dark!

Yes, we all suppose this will do. For at least three years.

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11 comments on “I Suppose This Will Do”

  1. That is some big sky you have there with lots of cool things going on.

    Clearly Loki cracker dog is a spoiled daddy's boy. But we already knew that, right?


  2. Stunning, just stunning.

    I really need to get on learning how to make my own mastheads. You do such a lovely job and I'm feeling very inept over here.

  3. Wow some fantastic photos. I have to ask though what are you doing up at sunrise 😉 We find this time of the year we get some great sunsets in Spain.

  4. We feel so badly for you, having to be there for at least three years and looking out at those sunsets and sunrises and beautiful moons - you lucky dawgs!!!

    Great new header.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Blah

    Juno is evil
    Juno is possessed
    Juno is evil

    Oh poor Juno - I wish I khould help!

    PeeEssWoo: We understand the not being able to stop your flashie beasting the sky 😉

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