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California Time Zone

California Time Zone

January 24, 2011
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Someone in this house is still on California time. I'm not naming names, but it seems someone thinks winter is over and spring is here. Even though I dress like the Michelin man in this miserably cold climate myself and the other is forced to wear a fleece coat.  This photo being the last of a 3-day brushing of the first blow of the year.

Is she an optimist or just confused?

NB: those of you who say "that's a lot of fur," in the comments below, you crack me up. Let me add that this is only the last little bit. I brushed her 2 other days and filled the entire foyer twice and emptied the Dyson 6 times (it doesn't suck it all up in one swoop). I'm not lying. Really.

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20 comments on “California Time Zone”

  1. We were wondering the same thing here. We have bitter cold temps and a fair amount of snow, AND Miss Ciara is shedding her coat like crazy. Probably her first blowing, but it is way too early.

    Juno isn't an optimist, and she isn't confused. She is a SIBE, and they never follow the rules:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We know what she's up to-- she's providing something decently "dog" for Loki to wear instead of that man-made coat. Just sayin'.

    jack & moo
    Need more fluff? we're starting to shed too, we can pack it up & send it right over... in exchange for some swiss chocolate.

    #$!*#@ Mom added that bit about the chocolate. We know its a no-no.

  3. Oh beautiful Juno,
    Is that your baby?!?

    PS: My mom says a big THANK YOU for your wonderful advice on the foodies. We are now putting the EVOO on Paris breakkies!

  4. Dear Juno -

    If The WD Woman is biotching about this she'd be biotching about that -

    I'm glad woo appear to be using your Siberian Hearing Superpowers!


  5. Juno girl, you look gorgeous (and exhausted from trying to wiggle away, I'll bet)! Mom has been concentrating on just one region a day since I'm too squirmy for her. My back legs are blowing like crazy!

  6. Ummm, I hate to break the news to you, but the coat blowing is year round. It's just worse in the spring and fall than the other regular times of the day. We chunk out ALL the time! The Dyson is emptied here WAY more than six times just in one room!

    On the other hand, I agree with some of the others that maybe it's a sympathy blow for Loki.


  7. Mama puts it down to Global Warming. Of course, that's her explanation for almost everything. But Jed is also just starting to blow his coat [and he's an XL Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, for pity's sake, not a Sibe], the temps are in the 20's and we're being threatened with snow [which we have had very little of this winter]. Mama thinks it's a sign of an early Spring and a hot Summer to follow. It was last year. Seriously, you could stuff dog beds with all that flouff and maybe Juno wouldn't be tempted to tear them up. Don't know about Loki, though. He'd probably boycott the bed.

    Jed & Abby

  8. My husband hates it when I say "blowing her coat" when referring to Nikki, our GSD. She has long-ish hair and isn't spayed because she is a breeder for a service dog organization. She is essentially a walking ball hormones.We never know when she's going to floof out! The vet weighed her in at 72 lbs. I am convinced that under the hair, she is only 50 lbs. I like to brush her in the yard so the birds can use her hair for nest building.

    Mamma Heartbeat

  9. Oh my God - that's practically another Husky on the floor there!!! 😯

    Because I have such a short-haired (& single-coated) dog, I'm always flabbergasted by the amount of hair that can come off in a grooming!!!!


  10. Yes, I do think that Juno is confused. Maybe a vacation camping in the high mountains would convince her to keep her fur?

    Actually, my vet was recently explaining to me that shedding actually signals that new fur is growing. E.g., if they shave a dog's belly and forelimb while she's shedding like they did to K, the fur grows back at light speed. Counterintuitive, I know. Maybe Juno has decided she needs a true winter coat in your new climate!

  11. Wooo hu'mum says your lucky to get hair out of Juno, I wont let her brush me (well im getting better at it) but she says thats why my coat looks like a sheep!

    Juno looks shattered from 3 days of being brushed.

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