My Tough Girl

022/365 – My Tough Girl

If I ever find myself complaining about this stupid pain of Lyme disease, all I have to do is look up to my tough girl. She was born in pain and some how finds a way to live life to the fullest within her potential. She’s a my guru. She’s my tough girl.


Operation Jodhpurs Bulk-Up


“Princess, I don’t think we’re alone!”

Operation Jodhpurs Bulk-Up is now underway. Getting ready for our second mountain bike ride was a real treat. Juno practically did cartwheels around the garden as I put the bike rack on the car and loaded up the mountain bike gear. She knew where were going and she was more than ready for it. Loki even pranced around me as I test road my bike around the driveway and gave me no grief about getting into his car crate–another story for another day on his new-found anxiety. Juno engaged Loki in play and tugged his favorite toy in excitement.  She never does that.  Nah, she doesn’t like mountain bike riding at all.  Continue reading “Operation Jodhpurs Bulk-Up”

Juno’s Got Back

The last two times Juno went to her Physical Therapy appointment—she goes once every month for a water treadmill workout and check-up—she gained 1 full pound of weight on both visits. She was down to a svelte 58 lbs and hovered there all winter, which greatly helped ease the pain of her severe hip dysplasia. But now my chunky-monkey is back up to 60 lbs. And just when I started to panic and go all diet-Nazi (as Mr. Wild Dingo calls me when it comes to starving feeding the Sibe), I discovered, it’s not all that bad. Continue reading “Juno’s Got Back”

The Return of Juno’s Inner-Cracker

One of the things I love about Loki is his ability to go from zero to completely crackers in 3.5 seconds–for no reason. He’ll suddenly bust into circle sprints:  tail and butt tucked under, ears flat back, mouth wide open, eyes dialed wild and paws in full-throttle. Yesterday, Juno busted out the crack-a-tude too– for no apparent reason:

Oh yeah, her body language meets all the cracker criteria. She ran circles around the yard like she had ants in her jodhpurs.   Juno’s inner-cracker is re-emerging. And that’s a great sign.  Continue reading “The Return of Juno’s Inner-Cracker”

I Told Him So

Mr. Wild Dingo is due home tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll either note that Juno and Loki have lost a little weight and he won’t be tempted to give them too many treats or he’ll note that Juno and Loki have not lost a little weight and he won’t be tempted to give them too many treats. I’m so blaming their weight gain on him. He’s not here to defend himself, so it’s only fair.

Continue reading “I Told Him So”

A Siberian Set-Up

Look what came the other day:

A nice German Swiss fella with a whole lotta tasty nommies for the furry beasts! The dogs were sure happy to see the Monsieur Meat-Delivery and barked with delight. Juno knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what the 2 freezers are in our basement. She loves to investigate the delivery and the freezers.

Those big roasts are not for us. Pas pour nous. Boo-hoo! Continue reading “A Siberian Set-Up”


Juno gave me another heart attack this week. Yesterday I let her play zoomies with Loki in the outer yard while I changed clothes to take them for a walk. They zoomied for quite a while and then happily went for a walk. When we got back from our walk, they both plopped in my office for a nap before dinner. When I got up to make them dinner, Juno started to kick her back leg out and cried. She wouldn’t put any weight on it and constantly ran away from me, something she never does. I panicked. Thankfully Doctor Hilary called me back and convinced me to stop panicking, that she probably strained or pulled a muscle and it was cramping.  She suggested to dope her up with the narcotic Tramadol that I still had on hand from her mysterious illness in November until the next morning when I can take her in for acupucture.

You see, I’d love to give Juno an anti-inflamatory like Rimadyl or Metacam, but I can’t. I can’t take the chance that what she had last November wasn’t an autoimmune response to that very type of drug. So the only thing I could give her was a narcotic. And if you’ve ever had been given narcotics to treat intense pain, you know narcotics don’t make it go away, they just make you not care about it. I was heartbroken not to be able to reduce her pain, but at least I could get her high enough to knock her out for the night.

Thank Dog for acupuncture!  Anytime Juno has soreness from her hip dysplasia, it reduces inflammation and helps get blood flow to the tight muscles. Sometimes Juno needs acupuncture a lot. Sometimes she doesn’t need it for a while. It depends completely on circumstance or if she has too much fun kicking Loki’s butt.

Today she went in for her needles and her right jodhpur had much soreness! Dogtor Hilary had to massage the area a long time before Juno allowed her to stick her with the needles.

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Siberian Pilates

IMG_0319Thigh master, low impact aerobics, Tae Bo,  Winslow Pilates, Power Yoga? They’re so five-minutes ago. Siberian Pilates is all the rage.

Juno’s core- strengthening routine is making her a super star. We may just have to enter her in Mango Minster in the sporty dog category. Here’s a little look into what Juno’s Physical Therapy looks like.

First a few jumps to warm up. Luckily, Juno is already trained (yes, a Siberian can be trained, imagine that?) to sit-stay while I call her from the other end for her to hurdle over the small jumps. Otherwise, most dogs would just wak around them.

Yes, small jumps for hip dysplasia is not a bad idea. Walking over them, which we did before this, is even better because it forces  her to lift her knees to her belly, developing core strength. Continue reading “Siberian Pilates”

Saving Juno’s Jodhpurs

On Tuesday, Juno went for her first physical therapy session for building up muscle in her back legs. Of all the horrors, it involved walking on a treadmill– underwater! And unlike many dogs who do this the first time, Juno picked it up quickly and walked almost immediately, without cheating. Afterwards, she went for a round of accupucture. Her most painful areas are in the back top of the hips where the muscles are super tight and sore. The accupuncture helps the muscles relax and release soreness so she can get back to a better, stronger range of motion. And this is how us humans plan to save Juno’s Jodhpurs.

Loki and Juno have a different idea about saving her jodhpurs and include clue(s) #3 in the Wild Dingo Big News Contest.


“This PT thing doesn’t seem too bad. ” Continue reading “Saving Juno’s Jodhpurs”

Juno’s Jodhpurs

DSC03627Following up on yesterday’s post on why Juno will be riding in rather than pulling a sleigh, this week, we found out that Juno has hip dysplasia. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 6. This of course is independent of the illness she had last month with an unexplained fever. You see, when the doctors explained what they thought that illness and fever may be, they explained the symptoms of autoimmune arthritis, I had got to thinking, “Gee, she’s always been a little like that.”  Never having had a Sibe, nor a dog with hip issues, I didn’t really know what to look for. She was always unstable on the stairs, but then again we have wood stairs. When Loki play attacked her she’d either cower or kick his ass. I never “bought”  her “cower” as a lack of confidence. Something told me it was more.  I’ve been watching her in the year and a half that I’ve had her and there are so many subtle behaviors that she displays that shows me she’s a confident, non fearful dog and Loki always bowed to her desires in the house. So when I’d see her “cower” from his play attacks one minute and the next minute out-run him or kick his butt, things just didn’t add up. I also noticed she loves being pet, but whenever my hands were on her hips she’d immediately start licking them. She also sat to one side all the time and we joked about her “low cal platz” where she slide from a sit into a down, being sure to never really expend too many calories in the act of laying down. Continue reading “Juno’s Jodhpurs”