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My Tough Girl

If I ever find myself complaining about this stupid pain of Lyme disease, all I have to do is look up to my tough girl. She was born in pain and some how finds a way to live life to the fullest within her potential. She's a my guru. She's my tough girl.  

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I Work Out

"When I walk in the spa, this is what I see. Everyone stops and they're staring at me. I got passion in my jodhpurs and I ain't afraid to show it."

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Booty Boot Camp

"That's right, Internet. I'm back in boot camp to plump up my booty."

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Operation Jodhpurs Bulk-Up

"Princess, I don't think we're alone!" Operation Jodhpurs Bulk-Up is now underway. Getting ready for our second mountain bike ride was a real treat. Juno practically did cartwheels around the garden as I put the bike rack on the car and loaded up the mountain bike gear. She knew where were going and she was […]

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Juno's Got Back

The last two times Juno went to her Physical Therapy appointment---she goes once every month for a water treadmill workout and check-up---she gained 1 full pound of weight on both visits. She was down to a svelte 58 lbs and hovered there all winter, which greatly helped ease the pain of her severe hip dysplasia. […]

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She's Perfect

"She's perfect," said Juno's Physical Torturer, Therapist, Mme. Gauthier. She noticed Juno's walking gate was a perfect long, stress-free stride. Juno rolls her eyes. "Sibes don't come any other way lady."

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There's a new breed of Husky in town--the Hydroberian!  Juno's back on the water treadmill as she was same time last year. As expected, she's not too pleased about it. But we're all pleased with the results! "Yeah, I know the drill. Woo torture the husky by drowning her jodhpurs. And I walk the hydroplank. "

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The Return of Juno's Inner-Cracker

One of the things I love about Loki is his ability to go from zero to completely crackers in 3.5 seconds--for no reason. He'll suddenly bust into circle sprints:  tail and butt tucked under, ears flat back, mouth wide open, eyes dialed wild and paws in full-throttle. Yesterday, Juno busted out the crack-a-tude too-- for no apparent reason: Oh yeah, her body language meets all […]

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I Told Him So

  Mr. Wild Dingo is due home tomorrow. Hopefully he'll either note that Juno and Loki have lost a little weight and he won't be tempted to give them too many treats or he'll note that Juno and Loki have not lost a little weight and he won't be tempted to give them too many […]

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Herding Horses is Hard Work!

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