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It's So Swiss

It's So Swiss

June 8, 2011
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As I was looking over the charges on the flight to London I booked yesterday, I noticed that Switzerland charged a "noise tax" but the U.K. didn't. That's so Swiss. I took this shot above one evening in our backyard while the dogs were rompin' in the twilight. I think they should just call it an art tax.

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8 comments on “It's So Swiss”

  1. Sshhhh! The American airline companies will hear about that 'noise tax' and add it on to all the other ludicrous fees they've invented to jack up ticket prices. Maybe noises are louder at the higher CH elevation than they are at the UK sea level elevation? Or maybe Swiss ears are just more sensitive? Time for Bertie to do another scientific seminar for us.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Noise tax??? Don't let New York hear about that, thay have a tax for everything but premature ejaculation, but I hear thats coming quickly...LOL!!!
    p.s. hope that was'nt too blue for ya..:-)

  3. Noise tax. Hahahaha. I'm surprised they don't have a 'we're charging you to leave the country' tax. 😉 Surely there is a 'chien mastication tax' too.... They probably also tax all the pictures you take - there's some sneaky program on your computer that tallies up the number of photos taken in Switzerland and levies a 'quaint town/ancient rock tax'. Heehee. I love living in a country where we don't have all those silly taxes, or silly benefits like decent healthcare or good public education. 😉

    -Dr. Liz (who, apparently, is a wee bit snarky today)

    PS Nice photo!

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