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Duck Hunting Fail

Duck Hunting Fail

July 10, 2011
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It was a lovely Friday afternoon at Lake Leman. I let the dogs off leash in an area where they wouldn't bother anyone. Juno went down shore a bit to sniff out the beach while I watched Loki focus on a duck close to shore.  Loki doesn't like water so I knew the duck was safe from him. I searched for my camera to get a shot of him. The dog still digs holes next to the shore to drink the lake water just to avoid going into the lake. How likely would he swim after a duck?

Just as I turned on the camera, Loki pounced into the lake.  The look on his face was priceless. Obviously he bottomed out and didn't hit the lake floor.

The duck quacked non-stop, "Get lost dog! You can't even swim! Losah!"

Only inches away from the duck, he was so close to his dream come true. He kept his head above water and swam the clumsiest doggie paddle I ever did see back to shore.

I held down the camera shutter button thinking I took a photo. Instead I took this six-second video of his first swim.

I've had them three years now and still know nothing about dogs.

But at least I know he can swim.

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10 comments on “Duck Hunting Fail”

  1. Hi all, that looked like you nearly had that duckie. You were an excellent swimmer. My mum said when I am bigger she knows a place to see ducks too. No worries, and love, Stella

  2. Heehee. I love that very first time when the bottom falls away and there's the 'oh shit' look on their faces before instinct kicks in (Fi and Abby both did the same thing, and still kills me)! Heh. Loki sure showed that duck! Or something! 😉

    -Dr. Liz (who's been too busy celebrating Fi's birthday to be clever!)

  3. What a spaz. Sheesh, Loki, lucky your mom didn't get any more incriminating video. That duck is disrespecting you now for sure.


  4. That is too cute! Poor Loki! Jackal grew up playing in a kiddie pool so when he went in a pond for the first time he had a real shock when he went under. I felt bad for him, but it was totally hilarious too. 😀 That's funny the duck didn't fly/swim away . . . it was a wild one right? Maybe it had a nest or has been fed by people. Hmm . . .

  5. Jed the Nova Scotia DUCK Tolling Retriever sends kudos to Loki: not bad for your first effort to retrieve a swimming duck. Well done, dude. You'll get better; just keep practicing. Of course, you'll never actually catch one unless it is sick or at either extreme of the age scale, but the chase is exhilarating.

    Jed & Abby

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