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Goatees: Badass or Adorable? Discuss.

Goatees: Badass or Adorable? Discuss.

December 7, 2011
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Ahhh! Now I get it! So that's where the term "goatee" comes from. It's funny how goatees on men give them a bit of a sinister look, but on a goat, with their bedroom eyes and pink smiles, they just look darlin'.

The reason goatees look so sinister? When Christianity came into fashion, they borrowed a lot of imagery from pagan myths. In medieval and renaissance art, Satan was depicted in Pan's imagery, who had a goatee. Isn't it funny how these images settle into our memories and resurface as vague and not really logical feelings?

Sometimes Mr. Wild Dingo grows a goatee. And he looks so badass. But next time he grows one, I'm just gonna remember these guys here, instead of Pan or Satan. I can't wait to tell him how adorable and cuddly he looks with his facial hair. I'm so betting he'll be thrilled to hear that.

"Ah, they don't look so badass to me Mom. In fact, they look a lot like... dinner."

And for your music-video pleasure, here's a little do-hickey goat training video I put together on socializing the Cracker and the Criminal with goats.

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8 comments on “Goatees: Badass or Adorable? Discuss.”

  1. My hubby has a goatee...I like it but only when it's just a bit longer..too short makes it feel rough and stubbly.
    I'll start using the whole "you're so cute with a goatee" line on him. Maybe he'll shave it off permanently.
    Pics of Mr. WD's goatee compared to these adorable guys will be forthcoming I presume?

  2. Yeah, so what DID you do with the mountains? I kinda assumed there would be some real scenery once you got them out of the way, but it sort of looks like Nebraska. 😉 As for the goatees, I think it is really the bell around the neck that completes the look, so when Mr. WD grows a goatee, make sure you put a bell around his neck to get the full effect. And I'm impressed with the Pan/Satan/goatee connection - you are paying more attention than you let on! 😀 Heehee.

    -Dr. Liz, who should be working, but doesn't have Access on her computer and is thus twiddling her thumbs

  3. That's not a real husky 😉 There are some people that walk their pet goats on the Los Gatos Creek trail, and when they do my dogs go into hunting mode, try walking 4 big Malamute-type dogs when they are on the trail of some tasty goat on the hoof 🙂

  4. We think Jim is right - Juno, reveal yourself:)

    Did those goats all go to the groomer's before you took their picture? We have never seen such clean goats. Even their goatees look like they have just been brushed. Seriously.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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