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Holy Cr*p That's White!

Holy Cr*p That's White!

December 16, 2011
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Do you people know how hard it is to get a shot of the infamous Mont Blanc? Seriously Internet. When we walk by it every day and try to shoot it with a "point and shoot" camera (the only one I take on dog walks), the results are less than fabulous. The snow washes out against the sky and it doesn't compare at all to real life.

Here are a few  basic facts about Mont Blanc:

  1. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and Europe, at 4,810 meters (15,782 feet).
  2. It lies between Italy and France and ownership of the summit has been disputed since the French Revolution, though today's maps place it wholly with France.
  3. Over 20,000 people climb and reach the Mont Blanc summit each year. Though there are attainable routes to the summit for the basically skilled high-altitude mountaineer, the mountain claims several lives each year.
  4. Two planes crashed into this mountain on the way to Geneva, one in 1950 claiming 47 lives, and one in 1966 claiming 117 lives. Lordy, I'm so glad technology is better these days.

Yesterday, at the intersection to choose between a farms walk or a forest walk, the husky hesitated and pointed toward the longer walk---the forest. The skies were foreboding. But I was dressed for rain so who am I to argue with the husky?

Obviously, she had the right idea, because the skies had the perfect lighting for that ridiculously bright white mountain. I was able to get these shots with just the point and shoot camera. I metered the light for the dark sky which illuminated the mountain more.

What can I say? The husky knows her photography.

Winter Mont Blanc Work-Day Procrastinations:

  1. These Crazy Mo-Fo's climbed and skied down Mont Blanc in a day. They climbed up it at dark-o-clock in the morning and skied down the north face in the afternoon. The video is stunning. Now I understand why people climb it.Even though I'm a goat, spending more than 2 hours in the snow doesn't float my boat. So I'm just really happy to watch the video. Check it out.
  2. The company Mont Blanc has an amazing tribute to the topographical massif, with several airial video's. Click the National Heritage link and then mouse over the Flash control on the bottom to see all five video's.
  3. If I had an ounce of creativity in me, I would totally do The Beauty of a Second Challenge sponsored by Mont Blanc. If you like doing creative videos, check out the challenge. Or just click on some of the submitted entries. Some are just incredibly moving.

Finally, Internet procrastinations that are worth it. You can thank me after your boss nails you for it.  But you're welcome.

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6 comments on “Holy Cr*p That's White!”

  1. wooo it is a beautiful mountain, just ruined by the amount of people on it. Hu'dad used to guide there and summited at least 25 times. You need to get yourself to Chamonix and have a closer looksie 🙂

  2. My procrastination is legitimate - we had some network issues, and my database was beyond reach.... 🙂 As for the 'Wow, that's white"? Um. Yeah. They don't call it Mont BLANC for NOTHING ya know! Ditto on the 'get thyself to Chamonix' - even if you don't like snow. It's amazing. Other than blocking out all the scenery, and blinding everyone with its inherent whiteness... On a moderately related note, I think you should just live in Suisse-land permanently - I need my regular dose of alpine photos! And yes, while I live in an alpine setting, the Rockies aren't the same as the Alps - both very pretty, but very different (mostly because the Rockies lack the picturesque cows wearing bells, I think!).


    -Dr. Liz (who is now going to write more bitchin' code - I think I have network access again...)

  3. We're happy to hear that at last woo grok "Obey the Siberian"... its in your best interests.
    Beawootiful mountain! We'll go check out the videos after mom feed us.

    jack & moo

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