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His Dog

His Dog

December 13, 2011
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They're an unlikely pair. Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo. He prefers goofy, gruff, manly dogs and she prefers me. But every Sunday, the one day per week the four of us are together,  she's his and he's hers for the day. The ritual of taking her leash each Sunday has bonded them in ways beyond my imagination.

The other night, he called her up on the sofa for a snuggle. A snuggly dog she is not. But she stayed. For a long time. And her face revealed complete and utter bliss.

Yesterday morning,  she woke me up, tapping the hard floor in the bedroom with her paws, letting out a small cry. A signal that she wanted to explore the events outside the bedroom door. We were alone in the room. I got up to open the door, but it was open already. She could have easily left at her own will. I heard Mr. Wild Dingo's voice below, sweetly talking to Loki. Loki responded with soft groans of delight.  I told her to go out if she wanted to and went back to bed. Yet, she never left the room. Later Mr. Wild Dingo entered the room and knelt down to snuggle with her. She let out a loud groan and growled deeply.

He was taken aback. "Why is she suddenly growling again," he asked.

"You cheated on her," I told him. "And she knows it."

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10 comments on “His Dog”

  1. BOL! Isn't if funny how our human develops little rituals with us... and then gets upset if they break the rules? The training never ends....

    Miss Moo

  2. Heh! We, on the other hand, keep trying to pass the dogs (particularly Abby) off on each other. As in: "Your dog barked at the neighbors..." "That's not MY dog, that's your dog." "That's not MY dog." "It is TOO. I walk the Good Dog, so therefore Abby must be YOUR dog." Of course, now that the husband is walking BOTH dogs during the day while I'm at work, maybe now Abby is his dog? (Eh. She's not. Ratbutt will use me as a futon whenever possible. I have a feeling she's my dog after all...)

    -Dr. Liz (who just wrote a bitchin' piece of code, and is taking a break to pat myself on the back!)

  3. Fantastic photo, Mrs. WD!! And Juno...who knew she'd be possessive?? Isn't she supposed to be happiest in a big pack? Oh, right, one that she is totally in charge of. Well, beautiful photo anyway...

  4. I think it's strange that your female dog isn't into her daddy! I've found that, in terms of dogs and humans, males like women better and females like men better. Since my ex-husband left and the divorce was finalized, my little Lucy and I have been really trying to bond. She LOVED my ex-husband but he was a complete idiot and there was no way I would allow her to go with him. I wouldn't let a pet fish go with him. She would walk up and down the hallway and whine, looking for him. Of course, I cried for her. Lucy and I are making progress and I am starting to train her to run with me. That is an amazing bonding experience. And once she stops looking like a marshmallow, she'll be excited about our runs I think (hope?).

    Mamma Heartbeat

  5. Oh the ways of a sibe - Mr. WD needs to find a way to appease her. Ciara is totally a Daddy's girl. She is the only real snuggled here. She only snuggles with Dad and Thunder.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Yep Zoe is completely enamored of her hudad. He gets the big greeting whenever he comes home from any little errand. I'm not even chopped liver, ha, unless she wants to go outside. Then I am the ONLY one she nags to let her out.

  7. I KNEW it! Those lady dogs are hard to reckon. They are all snuggly one minute and growly the next and MINE MINE MINE. I feel for ya, Loki.


  8. I wasn't reading your text - I was looking at your photo and I thought it was brilliant! A lot of photoshopping involved? Are you using CS3/4/5?

    Ok, going to read the text now. 🙂


    1. No, not a lot of photoshopping involved at all. just shot the original photo in b/w. But I did use Lightroom and changed white balance a bit (to get a blue tint), the exposure and the tone curve in order to loose some of the shadows in the sunlight area of the photo, hence the sunlight from the right of the photo comes in even brighter and you lose a little bit of the tops of buildings and even the vanishing point "vanishes" into "the light"... it's a spooky image in some ways but also very calming. I tend to use the luminosity tool to create some softness in a lot of my shots but in this one I did not.

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