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First Things First

First Things First

January 15, 2012
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"There's nothing worse than soaking wet Jodhpurs!"

The only downside of the dogs vacationing at Bernard's is that in the winter, they come home smelling like smoke. All dogs are indoor dogs at Bernard's, and he and his wife seem to be smokers. But it's a small price to pay for the luxury of having them stay in a "home" environment. That's O.K. Neither dog had a bath in months before we left, so they went to their spa ripe with a dirty dog smell. When they came home, the first thing we did--after a long walk at the wet farms--was stick them in a tub.

"That bath sure gave me the blues. I'm lower than a snake's belly."

We bathed Juno first knowing she'd be the most vocal.  Naturally she cried like we were stabbing her in the heart as we washed away 6 months of trail runs and floor lounging topped with cigar smell. Loki on the other hand, although not pleased with being picked up and placed in the tub, seemed to enjoy his warm Pantene Shampoo and Avocado rinse, never peeping once. In fact, he leaned into our hands as we massaged the shampoo into his fur and stopped just short of groaning with delight.  But, as each one was in the tub, the other was behind the door in the hallway, crying in sympathy for the other. They may rough each other up but they stand together in solidarity against bath-inflicted torture on the other.

"Princess, you look bought and sold and done for. Who broke you doll?"
"Button your gabber Big Boy. Let's just say I'm gonna deep-six a pair of
someone's Danskos."

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15 comments on “First Things First”

  1. Ah, the strength of the ties that bind families together. Actions speak louder than words. OK, we're out of cliches. We are also bound by bonds stronger than blood: we are a PACK.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Oh, yeah, Juno! Rip 'em up! You know what they say about pay-back!
    Dave actually enjoys baths. I. Don't.
    Have I mentioned it's fun having a Labrador for a brother? Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  3. We aren't crazy about baths either and luckily we only get them a few times a year. Mom says that is one good thing about sibes - we seem to shake off the dirt pretty well once it dries:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Since Abby is the one who usually ends up in the emergency bath situation, Fi usually stands on the side and mocks her. You can pretty much hear the 'neener-neener'. Fi does like helping Abby get the 'new dog' smell off her, though! 😉

    -Dr. Liz (who uses fancy-schmancy shampoo that the day care gave me for Fi's last birthday... talk about a birthday present!)

  5. I LOVE Juno's eyes in both of these shots! That's a fantastic photo effect, however you did it!

    Bunny would like Juno to know that she stands in solidarity against baths, too. Running in the ocean and playing in a pool are completely acceptable behaviors, but bathing is NOT! My association with Kuster has also prompted me to vow that I will never laugh at Juno's naughty antics again. Not even if she finally chews those Danskos. I will also pray that no one poops in them! Trust me, that's nasty business!

  6. We've never been in a smoker house, so can't imagine that smell. Our mom's buddy Maria visited us at our cabin and she smoked, but only outside...We loved her so that we didn't notice if she smelled funny! Neither of us love a bath, but we endure them more than we'd like. I (BRD) HATE to get my hairs brushed and put up a fit...at least once a week!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  7. My parents smoked all my life and now that I am out on my own smoke free the smell of smoke just makes me sick. I can smell it if someone is smoking in the car behind me. But you're right, small price to pay to make sure your babies are well cared for.

  8. I hate baths too but I'm not nearly as noisy as I used to be. I enjoy the soaping up, but not the water part. But my favorite part is the blower afterwards. It's like sticking your head out the car window. I love the wind on my fur.


  9. Loki??? We really have to wait until AFTER the Minster to have a DATE? Pshaw....do not believe one word you read about me especially from Mango or that stoopid Khyra who both think I have a giant bum......

    So glad to make your acquaintance....and dear Juno's....she did look sweet as a Swiss bovine...

    Spaeter, mon ami....

    Fraulein MME Lacie Teacakes

    Oh, and I'm not a heartless flirt either...flirt yes, but I have a very WARM heart.....

  10. I wouldn't be happy with the cigarette smoke! It's as bad for them as it is for us. 🙁 I'm very allergic to it so it's a sore subject with me I guess.

    They are so cute. I'm glad they stick up for each other lol. Jackal doesn't mind baths. His favorite part is drying off though. He LOVES it!

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