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First Signs of Spring

First Signs of Spring

March 29, 2012
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First Tulip. We took our first Spring walk to Morges yesterday. The tulips weren't quite out yet, but a few lone renegades were making their appearance.

First Bed of Tulips. The peonies weren't even fully out, but this bed of tulips seemed to be in a hurry to enjoy the early spring! I'm not a gardener, so I always wondered why they planted peonies on top of tulip bulbs in the fall. I assumed it was for protecting the bulbs from frost. Not so. I couldn't find anything on the Internet to suggest any other reason than that peonies are just pretty to plant along side tulips!

This seems to be a Griegii tulip, native to Turkestan. They are short with large blooms and tend to bloom very early. They're only second to bloom after the water lily tulip. Now it makes sense to see this bed blooming ahead of the others.

First Scoop of Summer Ice Cream. Is it wrong to spoil a cracker and a criminal?

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6 comments on “First Signs of Spring”

  1. Awesome flowers AND photos!!

    Why not give 'em ice cream - positive training always works best, even with crackers and criminals:) We think we might fall into those categories too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! It's my dream to find a large field of tulips and be able to photograph the dogs near it or in it. And no, it's not wrong to spoil them at all! I just bought Frosty Paws at the store today! lol Okay, actually, I put them in the cart, but hubby paid for them. It's okay, the dogs will still think it was me!

  3. As long as they put the empty ice cream cups in the right recycling bin, what's the problem? Or do they eat them, like Abby would?

    Gorgeous tulips. Our flowers are about a month ahead of normal blooming this Spring, too. Worse, mama had to have the lawn mowed today - also about a month ahead of the normal time. What we saved this winter not having to pay to have snow shoveled is going to be blown on paying for all the extra lawn mowing. Still, not a bad problem to have.

    Jed & Abby

  4. It would be more wrong to NOT spoil a cracker and a criminal. I mean, I'd hate to think of the repercussions if they weren't spoiled...

    -Dr. Liz

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