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Cadel Evans Wins More than Bike Races

Cadel Evans Wins More than Bike Races

April 25, 2012
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Oh my God! Why is the Winner of the 2011 Tour de France and 2011 Tour of Romandie, Cadel Evans pointing at me as he’s rolling up to the start of the 2012 Tour of Romandie?

No seriously! He’s unclipping, and he’s pointing and speaking French. Is he mad at me for taking his photo? What could he want?

Awe! He wants his picture taken with another rock star, like himself, and the only Formosan dog he's ever met!

And to rub his ears for some luck!


Cadel was taken when he saw Loki and as he was rolling up to the start line  of the Tour of Romandie in Morges, he stopped to ask about and to meet him! The short hair and his long ears captured him. Loki handled the bike-star’s, star treatment of him quite well and posed. Internet, at this moment, every bit of heart ache and transgression that Loki has ever given me has been forgiven, forgotten and paid back.

It seems Cadel has a miniature version of Loki, himself, who looks a lot like our late dingo, Maggie. And you gotta love a guy who puts his dogs before pushy European reporters.


Cadel doesn't just win bike races. He wins canine hearts!

"That's it Daddy-O. The Mojo is in the ears."

OMG! Cadel Evans digs my dog!   He just cannot get over the size of his ears! They're even bigger in real life.

Even Juno wanted to wish him well. Three seconds after this shot she jumped on poor Cadel for her own Husky “Bonne Chance!”

Good Luck Cadel! All of us at Wild Dingo wish you a great race!

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11 comments on “Cadel Evans Wins More than Bike Races”

  1. That's AWESOME!!! SO COOL!!!! And trust a Cracker to suck up at the appropriate moments! 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who is still grinning; that is SO COOL!!! (Did I mention how cool that is?!?)

  2. Wow! Loki, you're even more famous now. I guess celebrities always recognize each other and that's why he wanted to see you.

    Also, Juno, I totally approve of jumping.


  3. "Don't stand on my dog or I cut your head off. Salut!"
    Is this guy great or WHAT?!?!? And how lucky is he to get to meet Loki? And Juno? Umm... and the Wild Dingos. Ha roo roo roo.
    Play bows,

  4. Hrmm, maybe I need to take my Formosan dingo with me to a bike race -- jealous! I also like the photo bomb by Juno's tail. Although my dog is the color of a deer and much smaller (32 lbs) -- same ears though!

  5. Haha - what a nice guy. Hope he did well in the race!

    PeeS: I've located a Polaris Nuclear Missile for sale and am in the middle of serious negotiations... clowns are conveniently holding a convention downtown. Could life get any better?

  6. What a cool guy. And who knew that the cracker could be a calming influence on someone?!? Just takes the right high-energy, focused someone. Hope he did well.

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