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Two Weeks Too Long

Two Weeks Too Long

May 26, 2012
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

"Did you miss me Juno?"
"If missing you means being ecstatic because I won't be eating salad yet again for second dinner, like we've done for the past 14 days, then yah, I missed you."

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5 comments on “Two Weeks Too Long”

  1. Salad is SO food. As long as shrimp/steak/chicken and other doggie-appropriate foodables are included in said salad. But yeah, definitely talk with Dad about included TONS more steak in the diet! 😉

    -Dr. Liz, et al. (who actually had salad with beef strips last night... the girls were NOT neglected)

  2. I bet he missed WOO but did he miss Wild Dingo Lady

    THAT is the real khwestion!

    Miss Fluffy Tail and Khousin Merdie

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