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Leash Lessons

Leash Lessons

May 25, 2012
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Don't practice your Olympic Ribbon Gymnastics routine with your dog's leash.

"WTF is going on? Did anyone cue any music? I haven't practiced my agility in ages!"
"Don't' worry Big Boy. This is just Pop's wacky leash walking style."

Do practice being a normal person walking her dogs.

"Sigh. That's so much better."

Don't play Cat's Cradle with your dog's leash.

"Pop, do you even have your learner's permit to drive us?"
"Daddy-O, isn't it obvious? So let's put it in cruise control and over ride that driver!"

Do promise your dogs a tasty reward for smiling for the camera.

"Princess, Mom says to smile, so let's smile!"
"Don't be such a kiss up Daddy-O. Hold out for the good stuff.  It's a good thing she already said the magic words: Swiss Cheese!"

Don't try to force the husky to do anything she doesn't want to.
"Look, I told you. There isn't enough cheese, ice cream or baguettes in all of Switzerland to make me walk behind that Formosan German Shepherd!"
"Princess, I promise I won't cut the cheese!"

Do act smug and make the entire process look easy.
"Princess, walking Mom sure is a lot of work."
"Nonsense Big Boy. I've got her wrapped around my white paw."

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4 comments on “Leash Lessons”

  1. Sheesh. MWD looks a bit lost there. I think Loki was chagrined at being caught out in such a tangle. Much better comfortably sandwiched between you and Juno.

    Mango Momma

  2. @Mango Momma: he's never on the outside. part of his "maldive attaché" / pack-drive anxiety. Must be next to me, with only me holding his leash, at all times.

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