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Aslan's Lessons in Charm

Aslan's Lessons in Charm

August 9, 2012
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"Hello Mr. Wild Dingo! You seem like a cool guy. Will you be my best friend forever?"
"Pop! Say it isn't so! Don't fall for this little pest's cuteness!"

"I don't understand why anyone would be so annoyed with so much cuteness. It just isn't scientifically possible!"
"Thank Dog and Praise Cheeses for you Ludwig, my pal. At least there's one voice of reason around here to soothe my angst!"

(Notice how Loki claims Ludwig.)

"Princess, there seems to be a bug flying around us. Do you think that Advantix will work on him?"
"Daddy-O, the only thing that will work on this pest are your chompers. Too bad they're on lockdown."

Contrary to what readers may think, the dogs are not on forced down-stay. They merely try their best to ignore the pest who leaps around them wildly.

"You want some action little lion, Aslan? I'll be happy to dish it out. It's time for the husky to make the little lion meow!"

Juno was given permission to playfully interact with him. And she serves it back gently to him, using her husky growl voice when she's had enough. She's even given him the paw, gently. But if the little fella doesn't get it, his mom takes him away. Sadly it doesn't take long for Juno or Loki to tire of Aslan simply because he's too small to really play smack down with and he's either not reading their "go away" signals or he's too stubborn to care.

Boy I sure love him and all his naughtiness. What is it with me and the bad boys?

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4 comments on “Aslan's Lessons in Charm”

  1. What a little cutie! Love the pic of Juno playing with him!
    Jack would be on more than "down"....he'd be locked up because of his weird puppy fetish. (He is detrmined to snack on them). ...but not me! I'm ALWAYS up for playing with puppies!

    Miss Moo

  2. Upon reconsideration - 4 months? Yep, there is nothing like the persistent demands of a puppy to make one assess long and hard the pros and cons of having one. That's why they have to be so cute. Just like human babies.

    Jed & Abby

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