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Meeting Aslan

Meeting Aslan

August 8, 2012
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Since we arrived in the 'hood, Ludwig and his two sisters have been asking their parents for a dog. Marita, Ludwig's mom and mother of two girls, plus 2 pet rabbits, had grown up on a farm and knew the responsiblity of a dog was heavy. All of her children are accomplished in school and various activities such as horseback riding, swimming, dancing and many other sports. Not to mention, they all speak like 17 languages.  The family is constantly busy and active. She  knew they had to make some space in their lives to share in the responsiblity.  And it gave her time to discuss what kind of dog breed that would best suit them. Ludwig of course wanted a dog like Loki (I'm still questioning why), while the girls (only one of them pictured here) wanted a Siberian. The parents had other ideas. As much as they like Loki and Juno, they knew both were more work than an active family of 5 with 2 rabbits could actually handle. And it had to be small enough for a young child to walk it and hypoallergenic for the dad. So Sibes and Formosan GSD's were out.

Meet Aslan. A young ball of labradoodle fun. Doesn't he look just like the sweetest little thing you ever did meet?


And after Loki's initial "you don't belong here" greeting--remember, anything new to Loki, even in someone else's domicile, is cause for alarm-- they both settled into a comfortable meeting.  Unlike the other non-social dog owners in the 'hood, Marita knows the importance of neighborhood dogs becoming social, especially with a dog like Loki.  Happily for me, she suggested many meet and greets. Ok, Internet, now is the time ya'll can start to giggle at the irony of MY dogs socializing a new pup. I mean seriously, MY dogs whom I've had to point out at every single dog training class as "naughty" and to "keep your distance from" are now showing the wee pup how it's done. As if!

"So Loki, you seem like a hip dude. What's your secret to being so cool?"
"Little fella, work with you got. You've got that button-cute floofyness going for you. Work it brother."

"Ya that's it. Keep your yappin' up. You're just so cute when you yap your fool-head off."

Aslan is as cute as button but as ornery as an 'old coot when he doesn't get what he wants, and that includes wrestling with the big boys. I swear to Dog, you take him out of that "doodle" suit and you have full on Loki crackatude. Ya, he's trouble. My favorite kind of trouble too. Only he's much too  young for smack down, so Loki and Juno are on strict orders to not engage no matter how hard the fella tries. He's just too young for an accident.

"Come on Loki, let's go rumble. You come into my garden and got up in my grill, so come 'on! Let's rumble!"

"Not gonna happen little fella. You're just too cute for your own good. Keep barkin' up this tree and in few months, when  your bones are strong, I'll bring it. Just you wait and see."

"Little guy, I may be on strict disengage when it comes to bitey face and smack down. But nobody said anything about chemical weapons."

"Cheeses dude! Did you just cut the cheese in my face?"
"I warned you little fella. I gotta do what I gotta do to keep it real."

All the young boy pups are smitten with Juno, especially her Jodhpurs. They can't keep their noses out of them. This little fella is in love with her and follows her everywhere, every chance he gets.

"Sigh. Like I haven't seen this move a million times before Aslan. I know. The jodhpurs are mesmerizing. But you're going to have to be more original if you're want to woo the Princess."

"Princess, he's kind of cute when he's plum tuckered out, isn't he?"

"Look Daddy-O, I think this experience has taught us that we need to seriously think hard if we ever consider having a puppy in the house."
"Princess,  I'm thinking that I like our family just as it is!"

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5 comments on “Meeting Aslan”

  1. Oooh. I SO would not trust those little button-nosed cute balls of fluff. I've been suckered by that crackery cuteness. Twice, because clearly I don't learn lessons quickly... At least mine are half golden retriever, and not half labradoink. .-) But 'Aslan'?!? I LOVE that name!!! And I love the boneless flop puppies can do - it's awesome! And can you blame the little dude for wanting to hang out with the coolest kids on the block? Where else is he going to be able to pick up all the necessary skills, like Dansko chewing and random crackitude? Seriously cute ball of floof. And I've heard those 'doodle things make good family dogs. I wouldn't know, as mine run the household! 🙂

    -Dr. Liz, who goes to work simply to get away from being a 24/7 servant to her demanding, yet oh-so-cute 'doodles 😉

  2. Aw, a Loki in a Doodle suit. Honestly, Loki looks a bit overwhelmed, as in "WTF is this thing?" Of course Mango understands the allure of the jodhpurs.

    Can't wait to see how things evolve.

    Mango Momma

  3. OMD, what a cutie! and he can even do froggie legs:). How nice of Loki and Juno to give lessons in the ways of life? Has he found the Danskos yet?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Is Aslan a Chronicles of Narnia name? How old is he? Looks about 5 months. We just know he's looking forward to growing up enough to be able to engage in full out playing with you two; look at all those photos of Fi and The Other Abby - all they seem to do is play. It will be beneficial for you two to have a neighbor who can give you a run for your money 🙂

    Jed & Abby

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