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Head Games

Head Games

August 30, 2012
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"Wait a minute. Princess, something's wrong. Someone's missing! Where is Mom?"
"Big boy, the only person I'm searching for is the Ice Cream man. We are downtown Morges after all."

"Loki, look, Mom is right there. She's coming back. Don't worry, buddy."
"I don't see her Pop. Besides she's too big to fit on the end of your finger. You'd better show me where she really is."
"OMG, Daddy-O. It's embarrassing. And they call you the smart one."

"There! I spot her Pop. She's over the other side of the river. Not on the edge of your finger. Duh."
"Daddy-O, you're tack-sharp."

"Not funny Mom. You'd better get back here soon. I'm about to come apart at the seams!"
"Forget her Big Boy. I'll pull Pop over to the ice cream man, you pick his pocket for his wallet."

Sigh. Never a dull moment even in a simple Sunday stroll.

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