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Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights

September 12, 2012
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Well, I made it back to Zermatt.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I have been traveling all summer but I was able to squeeze in one more quick weekend trip to Zermatt. And you know what? I'm still not done here.

Zermatt is  quintessential Switzerland. It has everything. The small remote village. The green. The Alps. The green. The cows. The green. The quiet hiking trails. The green. It's almost surreal. I promise you Internet, the above photo is untouched and exactly how it looks.

The Swiss really know how to integrate family recreation with nature without all the kitchiness you find in other types of family vacation spots. All sports, from hiking to mountain biking and paragliding to snow boarding are all made simple and easy to attain. Everyone is welcome to the mountains. Trains, gondolas and lifts are large and accommodate any type of large recreational equipment. I swear, you can fit a smart car in the train from Tasch to Zermatt. If cars were allowed in Zermatt, which they aren't.

The last time we hiked, ONE of us (I' m not mentioning names, but it wasn't a female), wasn't thrilled with the trail, so we turned back before reaching the destination. On this trip, I was determined and chose a much easier-to-navigate trail filled with streams and cool shade.

Even Juno, not one to ever complain, appreciated it and took the time to cool her jodhpurs in the mountain stream.

We saw plenty of mountain bikers who were nutty enough to ride the vertical (yes they were vertical) slopes.

About one and a half hours into the hike, Mr. "It's not a  bike ride unless you climb 10,000 feet and ride for 4 hours," Wild Dingo complained: "I'm not really up for hiking for four hours." Oh Internet, I threw it down. Yes I did babies! I vetoed his complaint and instantly reminded him that I chose a much safer trail and we  were not going to have another chance to climb this and damn it we were going to reach our destination if I had to drag him kicking or screaming.

And then it happened. At the top, I was feeling the magic. But he must have been feeling it  too. "I have to hand it to you Jules," he said, "you chose a really nice hike and good vacation."

Hallelujah! He liked it. He really liked it!

Internet, let the record show  Mr. Wild Dingo complimented me.  Maybe it was the elevation. We were at 8,500 feet. But I'll take it. Compliments at Chez Wild Dingo are rare after all.

I've never felt more at home than I do in the mountains. I love and need to climb. I'm so happy here I can almost burst.

We made it to Schwarzee, 8,500 feet high in elevation. From here, there's another trail that leads straight up the Matterhorn.But it's not for everyone in our party. The trail description says "for sure footed-people and those without vertigo."  I MUST do it. I WILL do it. Some day. Mark my words Internet. I am not done in Zermatt.

To quote the latest trendy pop star: I'm higher than a mother f*cker. This is without shred of doubt, my favorite vacation and favorite place to be.

After 8 miles of hiking and 3,500 feet of climbing, none of us are interested in hiking down so we take the cable car ride down. Unlike last time on the cable car, Loki knows exactly what to do, gets on. He doesn't love it but he doesn't hide his head this time.

Enjoy the video. It includes footage from the grotto (cave) from the hotel out to the village of Zermatt and our cable car ride with the cracker and the criminal.

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  1. Simply stunning scenery!!! I can understand wanting to go back again and again! We spent a long weekend in Engi, hiking with our first Sibes --- I think they enjoyed it every bit as much as we bipeds did! 🙂 I can tell Juno and Loki were happy --- and SO BRAVE in the cable car!

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