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A Bittersweet Harvest

A Bittersweet Harvest

October 3, 2012
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It's harvest time. Fall is the beginning of an end. And yet the colors are breath-taking. Beautiful, yet final.

Change is bittersweet. Living in Switzerland has changed me in ways I've never expected. It was a huge push of our reset button bringing petty stresses to a halt and opening us to new experiences that would change the very core of our values. The language barrier and ridiculous store hours turned our world upside down, changing all of our routines from when we worked and played to and how and when we ate. Yet, I've never felt more grounded in my life. It's strange how traditional social norms and cultural boundaries can can make you feel so free.

It's hard to let go of something that has brought nothing but clarity,  freedom and contentment.  While things may never be the same--change is always inevitable--I hope I will always feel this grounded and at peace with myself as I am right now.


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6 comments on “A Bittersweet Harvest”

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love what you're saying. It sounds like you'll be leaving. Is that right? Or are you just sharing your gratitude for where you are right now? Although we've only "met" on the phone before you moved, I feel like I know you a little from your wonderful posts. 🙂

  2. J,

    I'm happy that you are enjoying your stint in Switzerland.

    Am I getting the impression that you are moving back to the States?


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