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Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial Evidence

September 28, 2012
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"Just because you heard rummaging around in the bathroom does not mean that I was involved in any criminal activities. Show me the proof."

. . .

"Let the evidence show: you're getting ripped off by that cleaning service."

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7 comments on “Circumstantial Evidence”

  1. This is so far from proof as to be laughable. Not even worth putting in front of the judge. As for those rummaging sounds, you know they do have mice, even in Switzerland. Or maybe it was a REALLY BIG spider.

    Mango Momma

  2. Evidence? what evidence? proof of guilt is on the face, and you don't look at all guilty so you are innocent!
    All those who agree raise their paws and say awoooo!!!
    ~ Angel and Chaos

  3. Abby concurs: there is not enough evidence to charge you with anything! In fact, you may have a claim for shoddy housekeeping leaving yarn around to snag in your gorgeous nails, which could cause you to trip or something.

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