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Sshhh! Don't Tell Mr. Wild Dingo!

Sshhh! Don't Tell Mr. Wild Dingo!

January 29, 2013
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"Hey Old Lady, why are you "susshing" me? I'm just sittin' here enjoying this new doggy bed you bought."

Every dog owner has that one item they buy multiple times. For some it's collars.  I've had my fair share of collars, but nothing beats the amount of dog beds I purchase. It's time to confess:  I have 18 dog beds. I only have two dogs.  And I don't have an 18-room house.  Six of the beds are in active use and 12 of them are in storage.  I can't help myself. It's an obsession. I'm in constant search of that perfect dog bed.  One that's easy to clean, but comfortable for the dogs. I've been disappointed with most beds, but the bed my dogs like the most at this time is their pleather (vinyl) Ridgi-Bed that I purchased in Switzerland for the soul purpose of having a place to feed their raw meaty bones in the cold winter that would be easy to clean. It turns out those vinyl beds are really comfortable for Loki and he sits and sleeps in his all day. Juno will go in hers when I put furry blanket in it.


Mr. Wild Dingo is constantly giving me all sorts of grief over the amount of dog beds I purchase. So I used the opportunity while he's been out of the country to do  the unthinkable: buy yet ANOTHER doggie item. Internet, to my credit, that Soggy Doggy mat that Loki's laying on is NOT a bed. Nay, it is a Soggy Doggy rug that supposedly cleans off wet muddy paws upon entering the house. It's rubber on the bottom, made out of the softest microfiber chenille blend. And I swear it does actually work, provided the dog actually stands on it and moves around on it for a few seconds. It doesn't work so well if they just cross it once. Quite honestly, it stands up well to human traffic too.

But since it's not a bed, he can't grill me for it. I can't help it that the dogs love to lay on it as if it's a bed.  Juno lays on it in the morning and Loki takes his turn at night.


"Mom, I have not idea what you're talking about. This is the most comfortable bed you've ever bought!"

This is NOT a bed!  Mat or bed, Mr. Wild Dingo isn't going to be too jazzed with my latest dog purchase, no matter how much it saves on wet foot prints.

Maybe he won't even notice.


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11 comments on “Sshhh! Don't Tell Mr. Wild Dingo!”

  1. Glad NorDude said it first. Just saying.

    But, seriously, something that removes mud from the dog's paws? I have one of those. It is called a newly cleaned wood floor that somehow invites a dog to walk across it and display with great clarity exactly what their path was. Just saying.

  2. My lips are sealed. I mean, maybe he won't even notice. Of course, the other option is (if he asks) is to explain that you've had this one for YEARS and it's just been in storage. And I've got to go with the Herd on something that removes mud from dog paws. Although in our case it is off-white tile - LOTS of tile so each girl has plenty of room for the 'freedom of expression'. Or something like that....

    Oh, and those ears ARE spectacular.

    -Dr. Liz, who is already rather sick and tired of the on-going Winter Driving Experience I have clearly signed up for.

  3. Ears? What ears? I am blinded by that divine not-a-bed! Must get our mom to bring one home fur us, too! Not that she doesn't love us dancing across the floor with our muddy paws, but it does look cozy. If its good enough fur Juno & the Crackah, its good enough fur us!

    ~Miss Moo

    PS: OK, I did notice those ears, but I'll bet he could balance a bowl of pupcorn on his head between those things! Very useful!

  4. A fellow dog bed addict!! Loki is so handsome, and his ears are adorable, not devil dog....ok, maybe a little devil dog, but adorable devil dog.

  5. the dog beds are stacked so high in the attic that they fell over recently. i will have to start a second stack.

  6. Great photos and story. We have a similar crate situation. We own approximately 10, yet we have only one dog who presently uses a crate. Would you like a crate? 🙂

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