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Case Closed

I woke up this morning and discovered one of my Crocs went missing. Never fear Internet! Inspector Jodhpurs was on the case!

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It's All Fun-N-Games Until Someone Comes Home in a Lampshade

"WTF did woo do to my Princess Juno?"

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Fait Accompli

This is the face of accomplishment. Notice the husky's mask is a little more dustier than usual. Her white areas now blackened in soot. We have a few redwood tree stumps on our property that were destroyed by a forest fire over 100 years ago.  Burned tree stumps must make a comfortable home for vermin because […]

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Sshhh! Don't Tell Mr. Wild Dingo!

"Hey Old Lady, why are you "susshing" me? I'm just sittin' here enjoying this new doggy bed you bought."

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Meditation or Mastication?

"As far as I see it, I did you a favor. According to this Yoga Journal, it says that five minutes of meditation per day can decrease stress and improve overall health. Obviously, the editors made a mistake. They meant five minutes of mastication per day. I could even argue for more than five minutes. […]

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Broken Record

"Juno. Junooooo! Juno come!  JUNO! COME!" It's the same song every Sibe-owner probably sings when they walk off-leash with a Husky. I'm constantly recalling her as she pushes the boundaries of straying too far from us. Generally speaking, she's not so bad off-leash, given she's a Sibe. If I catch her body language cues in time, I […]

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He's Making His List, Checking it Twice, He's Gonna Find Out...

... that two more made it to his naughty list. First lets look at the criminal.   "What exatly do you want me to say about this Mom?"

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A Siberian Set-Up

Look what came the other day: A nice German Swiss fella with a whole lotta tasty nommies for the furry beasts! The dogs were sure happy to see the Monsieur Meat-Delivery and barked with delight. Juno knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what the 2 freezers are in our basement. She loves to investigate […]

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Has Anyone Seen My Husky?

I can't seem to find her... Hmmm... that looks vaguely familiar.

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April Fools

Um, I'm not falling for it.

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