Fait Accompli


This is the face of accomplishment. Notice the husky’s mask is a little more dustier than usual. Her white areas now blackened in soot. We have a few redwood tree stumps on our property that were destroyed by a forest fire over 100 years ago.  Burned tree stumps must make a comfortable home for vermin because she’s come in looking like this a number of times this week. Continue reading “Fait Accompli”

Meditation or Mastication?

“As far as I see it, I did you a favor. According to this Yoga Journal, it says that five minutes of meditation per day can decrease stress and improve overall health. Obviously, the editors made a mistake. They meant five minutes of mastication per day. I could even argue for more than five minutes. And they call themselves a journal? These days, quality news is hard to find.”

Broken Record

“Juno. Junooooo! Juno come!  JUNO! COME!” It’s the same song every Sibe-owner probably sings when they walk off-leash with a Husky. I’m constantly recalling her as she pushes the boundaries of straying too far from us. Generally speaking, she’s not so bad off-leash, given she’s a Sibe. If I catch her body language cues in time, I can actually call her off temptation. Continue reading “Broken Record”

A Siberian Set-Up

Look what came the other day:

A nice German Swiss fella with a whole lotta tasty nommies for the furry beasts! The dogs were sure happy to see the Monsieur Meat-Delivery and barked with delight. Juno knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what the 2 freezers are in our basement. She loves to investigate the delivery and the freezers.

Those big roasts are not for us. Pas pour nous. Boo-hoo! Continue reading “A Siberian Set-Up”