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Is It Me, or Does Everything Look Delicious?

Is It Me, or Does Everything Look Delicious?

January 26, 2013
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Raw Meaty Bones

It's the end of Day 6 of this ridiculous fast and my dogs are still alive and not missing any parts. Shockingly, things like raw meaty bones and a kong full of Greek yogurt mixed with tinned salmon are starting to look mouth-watering delicious. 

So here's the low down on this fast. Days 1 through 3 were miserable. There were a lot of hunger pains and suffering. Days 4, 5 and 6 are easy-cheesy. There's no hunger at all. And my energy level is fairly normal. I'm super busy during the day much to the chagrin of my Swiss pal who insists I should sleep and rest through a fast. But sadly, with Mr. Wild Dingo around, there's no rest for the weary or the fasting.  The show must go on and projects must be completed on time. Which is kind of funny because I don't actually have a job.  I work for a different "man" now:   Mr. Wild Dingo. (Although he'd have a lot to say about my definition of "work.")  Still, I do manage to stay fairly physical, though I'm not partaking in any real exercise programs. I walk the dogs daily for their 90-minute hike, and I've been handling tons of home and contractor projects that keep me busy from 9 AM to 6 PM. Staying busy helps.

No matter if the day is easy-cheesy or filled with suffering, dinner time is always difficult. Its my biggest meal and my most creative and joyful part of the day so I'm missing out not just on eating but the fun I have preparing dinner. You learn a lot about yourself and your relationship to food when you fast, how it makes you feel, simply by triggered needs and wants that are being unfulfilled.  You begin to realize what you eat when you feel a certain way. Since I no longer eat or even subconsciously crave wheat or gluten, I have a new comfort food replacement: ham and eggs. Oh yeah, if I could get me some of those. Last night, I dreamed I cheated on my fast with a hard-boiled egg.

Internet,  you know you're getting old when your dreams of cheating involve a hard-boiled egg.

Stay tuned in, if not to be enlightened by my riveting revelations on fasting, but to ensure my dogs are alive and have all their meaty limbs.

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