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Two of My Favorite Things

Two of My Favorite Things

February 21, 2013
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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could combine two of my favorite things: cycling and dogs. Sure, I've seen it done by others. But they didn't have a cracker or a criminal for their dogs. And sure, we've ridden the safe and easy paved farm roads in Switzerland where we could see potential distractions coming a mile away. But this is the forest with lots of fast and technical riding, not to mention wild life distractions.  I saw the positive effects of bike riding for Juno's hip dysplasia, and I was determined to try them out on a real mountain bike ride. 



Mr. Wild Dingo bitched and moaned about buying yet another bike rack. He argued most racks would not allow easy access to the hitch in the Xterra. In his youth (which was like 87 years ago) he had an old swing rack model that was a pain to operate. And he kept reminding me that the Xterra had rails inside so you could put a bike inside. But Internet, do you see any room in that car for a bike? No, I think not.

So I do what I always do: I ignored him.  I purchased a very nice Thule Helium rack that slants down so you can open the hitch and the dogs can hop in easily. The rack weighs only 22 pounds and pops off the hitch very quickly when not in use.

Needless to say, Mr. Wild Dingo was impressed with the rack technology and was happy with my purchase. Like he has a choice, Internet? Really?

The tires pumped, chain lubed, dogs and bike gear loaded, we were ready to roll in no time.


Juno took off on the trails like a banshee, so excited to be running. Remind me to explain the term "No Drop Ride" to the Sibe because she dropped me exactly 42 times up the steep climbs. Which meant she had to do 42 recalls back to me. As I explained "no drop" to her, she's all "just pedal faster mom." Smart-alec.

I was really happy to see 3 sets of mountain bike riders while we were out there. Lets just say, going off the "phone grid" can sometimes feel a wee bit creepy when you're by yourself. So I was glad to see cool bi-peds rockin' the dualies.


"Oooh! Mom dropped a whole bag of goodies Princess, lets ignore her plea to sit for a photo opp!"


We had a brief rest before the climb out. I kept the ride to a simple 7 miles since we haven't been hiking or running more than 5 miles lately. I didn't want to over-do it with Juno and as it is, I'm hoping she won't be sore because she ran and trotted so hard.


I had this waiting for me when we got home: fresh Swiss chard, zucchini and navy bean soup, slow cooked. I prepared it in the morning just so I could come home to it.  The dogs had very large raw meaty bones.


Something about a "tired sibe is a good sibe?" She even let me furminate her Jodhpurs while she slept. I have to take advantage when I can. If it means I have to mountain bike her just so I can brush the blowing coat out of her Jodhpurs, well, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.


Even Mister "I Don't Like Adventures" had a great time and cried exactly zero times on the way home, setting a new record.

A tired Sibe and an unwired cracker. I'd say combining my favorite things was a good idea.

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9 comments on “Two of My Favorite Things”

  1. Shhhh.. we'll just turn back around and leave quietly. The cracker still looks like he has one eye open!
    Very impressive.. next time take Nordude too. He'd fit right in your pack.

  2. I noticed the one eye slitted open on Loki too..... careful the world might not be safe quite yet! LOL! I'm glad you're able to combine your two favorite things. That's always the best. I'm hoping someday I can do the same (dogs & horses like in the old days) but it's so populated around here now I doubt I'll be able to (plus my neighbor's pack of dog are super aggressive). I'm glad WD liked your purchase... did you happen to mention things have changed quite a bit in 87 years? ROFLOL!

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