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Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli

February 18, 2013
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This is the face of accomplishment. Notice the husky's mask is a little more dustier than usual. Her white areas now blackened in soot. We have a few redwood tree stumps on our property that were destroyed by a forest fire over 100 years ago.  Burned tree stumps must make a comfortable home for vermin because she's come in looking like this a number of times this week.

It's hard to hide the disappointment in my voice as I sit her in the hallway to clean the soot off her face.


"Mom, what's with the third degree? Can't you see I'm working hard?"

But Mr. Wild Dingo feels strongly about the dog training in this house and intervenes:


"What a good girl Juno! You are such a fine hunter and gardener!"
"I'm so glad you see eye-to-eye with me Pop!"

Sigh. Praising the Sibe for her mischief. Now a fait accompli.

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9 comments on “Fait Accompli”

  1. MWD is such a suck up..That's how he tries to get some lovin from Miss Juno? Pretty soon she'll be rolling over for belly rubs. It's all a ploy on MWD's part.

    Psst. My Mr. Hubby says Good Job MWD. Whatever it takes to get the girl to love you more.

  2. I don't think sibes have a guilty or apologetic face. She's like, "Thank doG, someone appreciates my hard work! It just spurs me to work harder at it."

  3. Mango Momma knows some things! LOL

    My dogs killed a mylar balloon that randomly floated in the yard yesterday... better than that possum they got a few months ago...

    Mamma Heartbeat

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