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Booty Boot Camp

Booty Boot Camp

April 8, 2013
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"That's right, Internet. I'm back in boot camp to plump up my booty."


"After all, bikini season is just around the corner."

For the time being, Juno is back in Physical Therapy every week to help build up muscle and release a lot of tight knots in her back end. Having Juno has made us realize that Physical Therapy is not a one time event for dogs with structural challenges. Instead it's a healing service to use for a lifetime, on an as-need basis. For now, it's weekly. When the time is right, we'll ween down to monthly maintenance again. 


"Energy bars are an important part of training."


"Some spas like this one, even have Jacuzzi jets in their water therapy tanks, which are an added benefit for fluffing the jodhpurs."


"After the water workout, it's time for some ultrasonic laser therapy to lightly massage my knots."


"It doesn't hurt but must she cross so many boundaries? Geesh. She should at least buy me a drink first."


"It's difficult being gorgeous.  Everyone wants a piece of my Jodhpurs."


"WTF are you doing back there Madam Jenny? Remember, my Jodhpurs are sacred!"


"I can ignore the myofascial release torturer behind me for the price of that chicken treat."


"Suddenly, I feel vewey, vewey, sweepy. I have no idea why."

NB: This is the effect of the myofascial release. Just before it releases or at the moment it releases, the patient stops fidgeting and protesting and before you know it . . .


Plop! Relaxation is inevitable. Juno always lets out a huge sigh as she plops. It's like magic!


"My Jodhpurs are cooked for the day!"
I wish I treated myself as well as well as I treat Juno.


"It's important to show gratitude to your physical torturer therapist,  no matter how  many times she ignored your orders to stop man-handling your Jodhpurs!"

A good physical therapist, dog or human, is invaluable. We're all loving how Juno is feeling these days!

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8 comments on “Booty Boot Camp”

  1. You are one lucky pup to get such great care! There's nothing better than one on one spoiling!

    Khady Lynn

  2. If I treated myself as well as I treated the girls, I'd be in tip-top condition from daily workouts, regular doctor visits, plenty of sleep and mental stimulation, and I'd whisk myself off to the doctor at the first sign of trouble. As it is, well... In my next life I hope to come back as my dogs. 😉 Looking good, Juno!

    -Dr. Liz, who is on the 'Wall of Shame' of her local physical therapist/rehab place (no, really, I am - too many injuries!)

  3. So this is your beawooty secret! You always look so lovely, but I thought it was from all that chasing and zoomies with that crazy dog woo live with! Oh, and the extended stay in Europe with all those fatastic walks, too. But no matter what, woo look mahvelous!

    Miss Moo, who does not have a personal masseuse/therapist but surely wants one.

  4. Hehehe. I remember the look Mango would get on his face once he really started feeling the benefits of his post treadmill massage. It's great to have a good dog PT facility close by. Go Juno!

    Mango Momma

  5. I, as a human, have had a torturous release massage on my psoaz muscle in my hips. OH MY GOD!!! It was so painful and then AHHHHH... I could run with no back pain and didn't want to cry half way in to my Crossfit workout. AH-MAZING! I have a gift certificate for another massage soon. They are gonna need a steamroller for me whenever I can get back. Have you tried a foam roller or one of those sticks in between Juno's sessions? I don't know if they recommend that but it is awesome for me... 🙂

    Mamma Heartbeat

  6. Hi Juno! Hi! My name is Camo and I've just joined the Army and I am in Boot Camp, too. Fortunately, there's no water torture involved, but my! Is there a lot of marching! I mean a LOT!
    I just wanted to introduce myself. I understand you have a handsome brother! Please tell him HI for me, OK?

  7. Hi, guys! Long time, no see. All mama's fault - she needs a new shoulder, like that's an excuse for not helping us keep up with our blog friends. We're happy to see you both looking so good [although what was the Cone about on Juno a couple of posts ago?] and to know you've settled down happily back in CA, even if you may occasionally miss CH.

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