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You Can Never Hold Back Spring

You Can Never Hold Back Spring

April 2, 2013
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Every now and then, Mr. Wild Dingo and I will put on an old play list and this song by Tom Waits will play.  Every time without fail, one of us will always say, "Maggie's song."  It was very clear how seasons affected Maggie, especially later in life. In January, her mood and energy would drop but by March and April, it was as if the weight of the world were lifted. She had bounce in her step and was as playful as a puppy at times. And I swear she seemed to smile every time we played this Waits song.

We're huge fans of Tom Waits and sometimes will play a mix of his albums straight through. His distinctive low growl voice juxtaposed with some of the most poetic lyrics makes for music that captivates the ear. And this is one of our favorite songs. Some say it was indirectly influenced by the writer Pablo Neruda, who once said, "You can cut all the flowers but you won't keep spring from coming." Indirectly in that Waits was actually heavily influenced by poet Charles Bukowski who was influenced by Neruda.  Waits (along with other musical artists such as U2 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers) have used Bukowski's work in their own music. It was hard to read Neruda's and Bukowsi's online biographies. Their lives were train wrecks. The best poets' lives always are.

Either way, we can't agree more with the song or its meaning.

header-2013-04 You Can Never Hold Back Spring
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
April 2013


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One comment on “You Can Never Hold Back Spring”

  1. THANK GOD for Spring!! My car said 75* yesterday in sunny South Carolina! Of course it will be 45* tomorrow I believe but only for a day or so and then right back up to 75*. My pups also have an extra spring in their step which is quite lovely to see.

    Mamma Heartbeat

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