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Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

May 21, 2013
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"Princess, Garden Gnomes were a huge hit at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, but these garden gnomes sure are odd looking."
"They aren't garden gnomes, Daddy-O, they're reproductions in metal, of one of your not-so-distant cousins."


"Princess, I don't see the resemblance! What could you mean?"
"Oh sure, you're totally related Big Boy! Check it out . . ."


"Aside from the pea sized brain in the over sized skull, check out the size of those chompers! "


"Yup, you're definitely related to that dude."
"Princess, what was that you said about a pea brain?"

That's my Sibe. Always pickin' on the pretty studly boy.  Ah, don't worry Loki, we know Juno is just bustin' your crank. She knows that although the ratio of brain size to body mass was small for the T-Rex, it was larger than other dinosaurs and that the T-Rex is understood to be one of the top 10 smartest dinosaurs. So relax Big Boy, she's giving you a compliment. Really. 

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5 comments on “Garden Gnomes”

  1. Is Loki inside the fence or outside? Hard to tell. I think I'm seeing double.
    I hear some of those Dino's had an extra brain in their bottom to control their backsides. RH could've used that feature.


  2. Since Abby's tail seems to operate independently of the rest of her body, I've dubbed her 'brontosaurus tail' (you know, since the brontosaurus had the large nerve center in the tail that likely allowed for faster-ish response times). Gads. I really am a nerd, aren't I? *sigh*

    -Dr. Liz, who is currently looking over a data set, angsting over whether the sample size is too small for the couple of tests I want to run... I did mention I'm a nerd, didn't I?

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