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Sights Scene

Sights Scene

May 17, 2013
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Summit Tree Farm

It's funny. I always thought you saw a lot more by bike than you could by car or by foot. But each has its own merits  I see more by foot sometimes, meandering around a flowerbed while the dogs  take their time taking in all the scents.  Turkey vulture on our walk

Sometimes it allows you to get up close to some bad-ass wild life too, like this turkey vulture. The dogs were thisclose to it before I noticed it and was able to stop them from dragging me to the pavement as it took off to higher ground.

It's easy to pedal quickly past some beautiful views or interesting landscapes, taking in only a few seconds of their brilliance.  Hiking allows you to drink in the surroundings slowly and savor the scene like a fine wine. I must have passed this vista hundreds of times by bike and never really noticed it.

Upper Meadows Pasture

And there are some places you can't take your mountain bike, like this little hidden treasure. By now the grass has completely turned to foxtails and will be un-walkable for a while, but that's the nature of the beast of living in a dry, wild area.

"Daddy-O, Mom's always complaining about how much work we make for her but she doesn't appreciate all the work we do so she can enjoy all this!"
"Princess, is this hike over yet?"

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