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Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!

June 4, 2013
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When I'm feeling blue, nothing cheers me up than a shot like this. Doggie butts are silly. I was going to cover up their butt-holes for obvious reasons, but then I realized, butt-holes are a part of real life and unavoidable. Like the kinds you run into while on a pleasant dog walk, bothering nobody and minding your own business. So this shot is for all the butt-holes in life. They can kiss my dogs' hinnies.

But seriously, Summer's here and there's nothing like negative ions flowing fresh off the pacific coast to positively boost our spirits.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I are getting ready to do some major landscaping projects next spring and while we were brainstorming, I kept insisting we have a water feature or two as part of our landscape. It's not like I'm a huge swimmer. I just like water and I couldn't exactly say why.  We live in the mountains with very little water. While there is a creek running through our property, and we are working on ways to access it with local trail builders for hiking recreation, it isn't exactly easy-to-get to. So I keep coming back to a water feature closer to our house. As you can guess, readers, Mr. Wild Dingo is resistant to anything that costs money with no useful need.  So I did some research and it's all beginning to make sense on why I miss thunderstorms of Switzerland so badly and why I subconsciously want water as part of our landscape. It seems thunderstorms, crashing ocean waves, waterfalls and even running your shower all produce negative ions in the air that once inhaled and reach the blood stream produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.  Well, it's in Web MD so it must be true!

Long showers are impractical for our well system. So I rest my case: a swimming pool with a flowing water fountain keeps the crazies away. It's for his own good.


Bottoms Up!
Santa Cruz, California
June 2013


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6 comments on “Bottoms Up!”

  1. When you have water in your landscape you MUST have fire too! The combination can't be beat ! Oh and ya. . What does Mr. Wild Dingo have to do with the decision anyway? 🙂

  2. Well, at the very least a swimming pool could save your lives if, God forbid, there's a fire in your area and you can't evacuate in time. Consider it insurance. Might want to get started on desensitising Loki from his water aversion, though. We don't have any water features [except when it falls from the sky], but mama finds chocolate is an excellent serotonin source. That and a cup of the genial beverage. We've been falling way behind in keeping up with our blog friends [all mama's fault, of course]. Is the ocean at the foot of your mountain?

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