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May 13, 2013
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"Lead us not into temptation. We'll find the way ourselves."

Forgive me the duplicate photo from Facebook if you've already seen it.  I'm in the middle of a very long computer change over and have no real access to my camerra photos.

When we lived a bit further away from where we do now, I would ride my bike to this church which would serve as a nice water break after some steep hill climbs. Now that we live close, we rarely ride this area, so instead, it's become a nice 4-6 mile hike for the cracker and criminal.  I can always tell when they like a particular hike. Loki will try to turn back if he's not enjoying it and Juno will pull harder to get to a more interesting place. But on this particular hike, they can take in views and scents from a variety of farms that include orchards, vineyards, horses, goats, chickens, dogs and cats--all so farmilar to them by now. And they seem to enjoy it, hiking a reasonable pace but meandering at the perfect spots. And just like me, they find this pleasant community church a fine resting spot for their dogs. Not too eager to leave and happy to sit while I photograph them, they resist a multitude of wild life temptations surrounding them.


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3 comments on “Temptation”

  1. Skyland is a great church! It's very open and loving. (I've been a member for a few years now.) And it's in such a beautiful spot! Such beautiful babies you have. 😀

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