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Year: 2015

The Dulldrums

A dull thing with style is art -- Charles Bukowski -- 237/365

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"Hey Hepcats! It's Friday! Hold on to your chair and don't step on no snakes."  -  236/365

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Spanish Clover

Spanish clover, Acmispon americanus -  235/365 Spanish clover, Acmispon americanus, is an upright, hairy annual up to 25 mm high with a singular pale pink flower that is only 6 mm in size! Its other common name is American bird's-foot trefoil. The plant is a species of legume native to most  of California, Western US, Western Canada […]

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Not a Bumble Bee

(Not a Bumblebee) - 234/365 In Northern California, the Carpenter bees work into late fall.  

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A Lymie's Daily Crack Habit

A Lymie's Daily Crack Habit - 233/365 For the last two weeks I've been on daily Intravenous Glutathione and Methyl B12 injections.   Don't worry, that big needle is only mixing the glutathione with saline. It goes directly into a peripheral catheter in my arm.  The B12 (the red stuff in the small needle), depending […]

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Blazing Autumn

Autumn 232/365 It's been blazing hot here in Santa Cruz Mountains. WTF? It's October. Indian summer is supposed to be in September!

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Feather-Legged Fly

A bumblebee and pal gather nectar together -230/365 As the Internet pointed out to me this week, Robber flies can be deceptively similar to yellow-faced bumblebees. But for sure, this little yellow cutie-pie in the front here is definitely a bumblebee due to the long bent antenae. Also good to know: bumblebees have four wings and Robber […]

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Noir Friday

TGIF - 229/365 "Hey cupcake, your boots sure are laced up tight. What's your hurry?" "It's Friday Daddy-O! Just keep your claws sharp, fall in and dig the happenings!" (I think the sibe heard I was planning chicken shepherd's pie and butternut squash risotto for the weekend.)

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Torch Lily

Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker of the genus Kniphofia  228/365 Torch Lily, is yet another example of a plant that is not really a lily of the genus, lilium, but is of the genus Kniphofia. It's an exotic plant native to South Africa that produce various shades of red, orange, and yellow. They grow from […]

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Robber Fly, similar to the Bombus vosnesenskii, yellow-faced bumblebee  - 227/365 Somebody recently asked me if I had started naming my bees. As if. They aren't actually my bees. I just find them. It's not my place to name them. But sometimes they tell me their names. This is Mildred. I found her on NitWit […]

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