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Year: 2015

Comfort Soup

Egg Drop in Bone Broth Soup - 252/365 This is my favorite go-to meal for those times when I'm feeling sick or too tired to cook. On the other hand, I do eat it regularly for lunch at least 4 times per week and find it's filling and satisfying. It's a very simple meal to […]

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Lion's Tail

Lion's Tail - 251/365

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The Secret Power of Mexican Sage

Mexican sage has the power to make even the biggest criminals appear royally innocent - 249/365 "My name is Juno! My hobbies include masticating Danskos, books, purses, passports, Mini Coopers, magazines, dental floss, yoga mats, yoga pants, toilet paper, glasses, flip flops, boots, pens, mouses, keyboards, sneakers, postal mail, cardboard boxes, files, blue masking tape and […]

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Northern California Fall Colors

Mexican Sage- 247/365 In California, you know it's fall when the Mexican sage is in full bloom. The nice thing about this plant,  is it makes you look like a great photographer. It's such a beautiful flower and there are so many ways to capture it.

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Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Feather Grass - 246/365  

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Berry Buds

Myrtle pre-berry buds - 245/365

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A Cracker's Charm

A cracker's charm  -  244/365 Two walkers and two dogs approached as we walked on a single track in the forest. We moved aside and the dogs sat to let them  pass.

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A Bee's Autumn Harvest

Born and raised in Connecticut, one of the things I miss most about East Coast autumns are pussy willows. But Mexican Sage, Salvia leucantha,  makes up for it. -  240/365

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Some Other Beginning's End

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."  239/365 The lyric's from Semisonic's Closing Time were first spoken by first century Roman philosopher Seneca. Autum is the perfect time of year to reflect on how ending one path leads to embarking on another. New beginnings can't happen until we genuinely part with old ways.

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Dutch Baby!

Dutch Baby Pancake - 238/365 Where have I been all my life? Why did I never know about Dutch Baby Pancakes? Apparently, they were all the rage in 1977 when they hit the cover of Sunset magazine. I was a mere 10-year old girl then, whose idea of fun was to turn her pajamas into a […]

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