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Year: 2015

Not a Bee

Not a Bee 263/365 I have no idea what this insect is, but it appears to be the molted skin of whatever it was. I've asked the Internet and had little luck. I'm catgorizing this in "things that make you go 'Hmm'."  By the way, this thing was found on the same fern next to NitWit […]

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Vacancy - 262/365

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Dancing Caterpillar

Dancing Caterpillar -261/365

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Silence - 260/365

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Non Sequiteur - 259/365 Lyme-MSIDS is the most depressing game of whack-a-mole ever. Goodbye migraines, fever, chills, POTS, dizziness, fainting and shortness of breath. Hello again lower body pain, numbness and soles of the feet pain. Getting difficult to walk. Bartonella, we meet again. You rat bastard.

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The Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture  258/365 I have a difficult time telling apart turkey vultures from red tail hawks from a distance. This is a turkey vulture, as the Internet pointed out to me. Did you know there's an International Vulture awareness day? It's on the first Saturday in September every year. A group of vultures is called a […]

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The Best Way to Hit the Weekend

"Hey hipsters, let's hit this weekend high, wide and handsome!" - 257/365 

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Cape Leadwort

Plumbago auriculata, Cape leadwort - 255/365   Plumbago auriculata, common name, Cape leadwort is native to South Africa but found blooming in Santa Cruz Mountains in the fall.  Derived from the Latin word plumbum "lead" and agere "to resemble" for its lead-blue color.

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Peek-a-Boo!  - 254/365

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Paralyzed -  253/365 I walk by these dead Elms a few times per week. Though they're dead, the owner has yet to remove them as I've heard he's intended. The elms stand there, not living, but merely taking up space. Paralyzed.

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