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Church of Cheeses

Church of Cheeses

May 7, 2017
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Not many people know this, but Juno is devout spiritual being. She follows the path of Cheeses. Worshiping nightly, she prays for the coming of Cheeses, while MWD ministers an amuse-bouche in the kitchen.

"Like an angel descending from heaven, Cheeses makes its way from the great Mount Kitchen Island, and behold, lands directly on my tongue where it fills my soul with joy. What Cheeses has to offer, let no man put it anywhere but in my mouth."

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3 comments on “Church of Cheeses”

  1. hello juno its dennis the vizsla dog hay wayt wot??? their is a church of cheez??? do we git cheez at komyoonyun time and all thruowt lent??? ware kan i sine up????? ok bye

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