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Count Grassula

Count Grassula

May 6, 2017
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

That look I get when I tell him he has something in his teeth.

*Thanks to our friends at Tails from the Pack for that perfect title!

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3 comments on “Count Grassula”

  1. Amazing! These photos help me keep a positive view to provide an upside from my lyme+ care taking duties… Was this staged or just caught at a perfect moment??

    1. Joe Chaisson: this was the perfect moment. Loki likes to nibble on the ornamental grass in my garden. Sometimes it causes him to get stuck in his teeth. Other times, I have to help assist it out his "other end" if you know what I mean. He will tuck his rump under and come to me for help. I lift his tail, and with a doggie baggie, I pull out the strand that won't finish coming out with his normal business. He's very sensitive on his body so if there's any tiny thing wrong, he always comes to me to ask for help. It wasn't always like that. He used to fear me doing "procedures" on him, like tick removal, or checking his lumps if they fatty or not, his foot pads for things that stuck in them, or even in this case, he would not let me near his back end tho he couldn't get it out himself. Over the years I coined "Lemme see" and he understands it and comes to me and lets me help him. He's such a good boy. He's learned to trust and doesn't act like a cracked-out nutter when there's something off on his body...just comes to me looking pathetic like this shot.

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