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Juno Belle Starling

Director of Quality Assurance

"Mastication isn't a crime. It's an art, a creative process, and a talent. Masticators are not criminals. We're misunderstood artists." 

Items Masticated

Nicknames: Juicy, Juno Belle Jodhpurs, The Criminal, JBJ, JJ, Princess, Principessa, Juna

Born:  ~August 2007; Rescued by Wild Dingo: August 2008


  • A.B.C. Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Therapy Dog Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA

Spirituality: Church of Cheeses & Life without Cheeses

History: Came to us 3 months after Loki when I went to a dog adoption fair. She, her mom, and her sister were caught by a dog catcher, running free, escaping their back yard. The owner could only afford the mother and left the 2 sisters. Sister was adopted. I fell for her the minute I saw her. A happy dog, until she met came home with us and met Loki. There she was sullen and depressed. Not interested in working like Loki at first. After 3 months, she developed a strange fear of Mr. Wild Dingo. We worked with her and she developed into a wonderfully obedient, happy dog who loves to work and do tricks. Though not nearly as "crisp" as Loki, she has much more personality and happiness when working and is always keen to work with either me or Mr. Wild Dingo. She became very sick in October 2009 with an undiagnosed fever. To this day we don't know if it was bacterial or viral. At that time, we discovered her hip dysplasia. We've treated it with acupuncture and underwater treadmill since, both in the USA and in Switzerland. Her x-rays show severe hip dysplasia but she never indicates either hip is worse so surgery is not recommended by any surgeon who sees her since she doesn't limp. She has gold bead implants done by a Chinese medicine vet to help keep inflammation at bay so she can use her legs normally. She still uses water treadmill 1-2x/month and will see osteopath or acupuncturist as needed. She adores Loki but is the alpha in the house. She's an alpha by sweetness and will get her way by being sweet and kind to either us or Loki. Her personality makes up for all the shoes, books and various items that she loves to destroy in the house. She's not a perfect house dog for that reason, but if we're neat and put things away, she's fairly good. It's always hilarious to watch her carry "contraband" around the house, such as a box of bandaids, a shoe or a book. She absolutely loves to kiss her handlers.

Despite her landing into a good life, Juno has led a life of crime. Rehabilitation is a life-long process for such criminals as Juicy.


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Juno's Crimes of Mastication Rap Sheet

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