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Loki J. Starling

Chief of Security

"It gives me a large charge to put the bite on malicious intenders. Go ahead. Trouble is my line of business."

Malicious Attacks Prevented

Nicknames: The Cracker, Alligator on a Leash, Daddy-O

Born: ~May 2007 in Taiwan; Rescued by Wild Dingo: May 31, 2008

Breed: German Shepherd Formosan Mountain Dog


  • A.B.C. Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Iron Dog Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA

Spirituality: All's fair in Tug-n-War

History: Born in Taiwan, abandoned, rescued in Taiwan. Sent to the US to AHAN. Three foster homes who had difficulty with him. His final foster was a dog breeder and dog trainer, experienced with mouthy, dogs. Came to us in 2008, somewhat reformed but still completely nuts. Loki really tries to do the right thing. He's a loud, obnoxious talker who talks back when he doesn't agree with you. Hey, we all have our opinions, right? None-the-less, Loki loves to work. He's deeply anxious with severe pack drive and separation anxiety in public. At home, he's the perfect house dog. with excellent manners. Polite and neat, he's non-destructive and will do exactly as he's asked.  His strong pack drive is his highest motivation. He would rather be with this partner than do anything else, such as chase a small animal, fight a dog or be lured away.  He loves to lean on you if he likes you and will do anything you ask if you will play a game of tug. He isn't much of a retriever except in a working capacity. He will find any item and retrieve it for me but doesn't enjoy endless games of fetch. He doesn't swim but loves his baths.  He earned his nickname "the cracker" because he acts like he's on crack. He has tons of energy, full of anxiety and will generally run around like a cracked out mess to relieve stress. We have to admit, all those who tried to live with Loki (and there were many) did not understand the gold they had in their hands. His unending loyalty to us has been a cornerstone of our connection. He has saved us from countless threats and a house fire. Every day we shake our heads wondering how in the world anyone could throw such an amazing, loyal companion away. We've come to the conclusion that most people who don't get dogs like Loki are not smart enough to be their life companions. We're humbled that the universe sent him our way. He's just what we needed.


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