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Payroll Assistant & Facilities Manager

"I don't know anything. I just work here."

Cookies Paid

Nicknames: MWD, The Ball-n-Chain, Poppy

Born: 1066 AD  Rescued: October 2001


  • M.B.A., Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
  • B.Sc., Engineering, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

History: I met Mr. Wild Dingo at a social event. We were both members of the same bicycle racing team. At the time, I did not know it was a racing team. He thought it was a racing team and was thereby annoyed by me whenever I attended a group ride and chatted the entire time, never really making an effort to climb the hills very fast. I was interested in gabbing on the team rides. He was interested in hammering the hills. Needless to say, we did not hit it off right away until he saw me with my helmet off. Apparently, that changed his mind. I won't go into the particulars of why other than Mr. Wild Dingo can enjoy a gal who knows how to get dirty outside but clean up well for a party. When I was given a choice between a glass of wine or a Sierra Nevada beer at that fateful party, I chose the beer and it was then he knew he'd marry me. He had to convince me first to go out with him. It wasn't easy. He came on all my social mountain bike rides, which, much to his chagrin, included many unfit people out to have fun, not to hammer the hills. Every Tuesday night he endured these events just for the opportunity to get a date with me. I finally gave in. I will say this about Mr. Wild Dingo: he knows what he wants and goes for it. It's an admirable trait in any individual.  As we dated, he introduced me to his dogs, Maggie, the dingo, and Moosh, the Labrador. Moosh was a doll, but Maggie, desperate for some female companionship, claimed me almost immediately. After we married, she became "my" dog. Shortly after that, I launched Wild Dingo and the rest is history. These days, neither of us can drink beer, so we seem to grow perfectly together. He enjoys bike riding, dog walking, home improvement, carrying out all my hair-brained ideas, and foiling all my attempts at teaching the dogs good manners. He's especially good at rewarding Juno with steak dinners for all her crimes of mastication.


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Mr. Wild Dingo's Wild Ride

Happy Holidogs and New Year

Hey faithful friends and readers! We're not dead. We've just avoided blogging for a while. We have many stories to share including a travel story or two that happened over the late fall, but we'll put that on hold to wish you all a very Happy New Year. The pups had a pretty nice holiday. […]

Sailing Adventures and Belated Anniversary

I'm a little late in posting this but Mr. Wild Dingo and I went sailing with some friends in September and had a fantastic day on the San Francisco Bay!


I'm not the same woman he married 15 years ago. We blissfully started our lives together as an active, social couple who enjoyed the outdoors. Neither of us could have foreseen the endless health challenges that would completely turn me into quite the opposite. But we face them together and he's been a rock through […]

Best Value Add in a Husband

Best value-add in a husband: tool skills.  He's definitely not the man of my dreams. My dreams were never this good. Happy Birthday to my old man. 358/365 

Fickle Siberian Husky

Fickle Sibe - 315/365 The Princess Juno grants the barbarian, Mr. Wild Dingo, a kiss withdrawl from the Royal Bank of Siberia. Later tonight, he will receive a long, 1-minute growl whenever he enters any room in which she resides.

Family Day

Nothing puts more pep in their step like Family Day. I could be imagining it but they seem happier when Mr. Wild Dingo is on the walk with us. 308/365

Family Day

Family Day Hike with Mr. Wild Dingo, the cracker & the criminal! 217/365 Family Day, a Sunday tradition we started while living in Switzerland. On Sundays in Switzerland, everything is shut down and you aren't allowed to make noise or run power tools.

Plundering Smooches

Plundering Smooches - 203/365 The barbarian, Mr. Wild Dingo, storms Castle Paws-n-Tails to plunder some fond farewell smooches from the reluctant Siberian Princess.


TGIF - 201/365 It's the last day of the Mr. Wild Dingo's vacation. What better way to spend it than with his favorite girl with the floofy jodhphurs?

Happy Poppy's Day

"No matter how much I grumble at you, you're my favorite Pop! Happy Poppy's Day!" Pee Ess: We miss woo!

NitWit Trail Gets a Shrakieotomy

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wild Dingo came home with a tick bite on his ankle from walking the dogs on NitWit trail behind our home. Since then, he’s been on a mission to shrake the leaves and keep the trail clear of tick hiding places. In addition, we both wear ridiculously tapered pants and […]

The Shrake

Is that a rake or a shovel that Mr. Wild Dingo carries? Neither!

Weekend Wrap Up

Theirs is a complex relationship. Bonded in emotions that range from angst to bliss. She was all wiggles and kisses for the entire weekend when he returned on Friday after two weeks of travel. He walked them both days this weekend for extra one on one time. Monday night when he gets home from work, she will make no […]

Take a Bite out of Lyme

If you've been watching me on social media, you'll know I posted a few photos for the Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease Challenge. Obviously, I had to take part in this challenge as the disease has totally stopped my life in its tracks. But here's the thing that I don't think a lot […]


Thirteen years ago, I married that serious looking fella above.  It was a  little surprising for me to marry such a quiet, contemplative dude, given that I'm basically a loud-mouth Italian. But hey, it works and there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that we found eachother.

Go Team Jodhpurs!

Team Jodhpurs (Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo) had a fantastic ride yesterday, dropping Team Cracker (Loki and I) in the dust all the way up to the top of the big climb.

Five Easy Steps to a Dream Team

Step 1: Teach the criminal to bikejor. Step 2: Teach the cracker to bikejor. Step 3: Teach Mr. Wild Dingo to bikejor (and convince him its fun). Step 4: Tell Mr. Wild Dingo to stop reading this post. Step 5: Que up the chick flicks while Mr. Wild Dingo takes the dogs bikejoring.

Searching for our Groove

This month's masthead was inspired by this song from The Boss. As much as I'd like to bare my Sylvia Plath side, Mr. Wild Dingo would be mortified if I went with my original idea theme, Paint it Black.  Hang on, Internet, you'll understand in a minute. Mr. Wild Dingo's nick name while in the […]

Independence for All

When I came home last night, Mr. Wild Dingo told me the dogs found a King Snake under an old oak stump near our weed field sitting area. So I asked him, "Does he live there or was he passing through?" Mr. Wild Dingo's all, "you know, I didn't ask him." Yes, Internet, these are […]

In the Fur

For those 3 readers not following the other 3 readers who follow us on Facebook, here's a little piece of news: Mr. Wild Dingo and I got to meet some very famous Internet celebrities, in the FUR! Last week, we met up with Norwood and his bean along with Jack, Moo and their hu-mom. What […]

Members Only

Last month, Mr. Wild Dingo installed the on and off ramps to the tree house and raised their flag at full staff.  They were dismantled for safety reasons while we were living in Switzerland. Juno was pleased as punch. Lately she enjoys eating her raw bones up there after her morning runs. Both dogs are […]


The number of days before she can huff her displeasure at Mr. Wild Dingo once again. But who's counting?


"Awe Pop! It's so darn cute when you try to shoot me! O.K. I'll play: Please don't shoot Mister!"

Together Again

Nothing bonds this team like a bag full of dried chicken.

The Economy of Motion

"It's a shame that Mother Nature did not provide humans with the superior dirt-repelling qualities enjoyed by all Siberians." As usual, Juno has a point. It's quite amazing---shocking if you will---how clean she stays for the amount of dirt she gets her furry self into. Siberians may be long furred but they stay unusually clean […]

Fait Accompli

This is the face of accomplishment. Notice the husky's mask is a little more dustier than usual. Her white areas now blackened in soot. We have a few redwood tree stumps on our property that were destroyed by a forest fire over 100 years ago.  Burned tree stumps must make a comfortable home for vermin because […]

Whatever it Takes

It isn't easy being Mr. Wild Dingo. Because, I'm not so good with acronyms.  Or names. Or numbers. He's always interpreting Wild Dingo-speak. Whenever I ask for the can of W4, Mr. Wild Dingo always replies "W4, WD40 whatever it takes."


Eleven years ago, I married the guy in the photo and it wasn't for his keen seasonal fashion sense.

Ode to a Scarecrow

 A poem by Mr. Wild Dingo Dauntless flew young scarecrow blue Unfettered he, from sac set free

Such Great Heights

Well, I made it back to Zermatt.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I have been traveling all summer but I was able to squeeze in one more quick weekend trip to Zermatt. And you know what? I'm still not done here.

Head Games

"Wait a minute. Princess, something's wrong. Someone's missing! Where is Mom?" "Big boy, the only person I'm searching for is the Ice Cream man. We are downtown Morges after all."

Heights Make Me High: Zermatt Part Quatre

For me, there's nothing more exhilarating than being high. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I mean on a mountain range.

The Easy Stroll: Zermatt Part Trois

Continuing our Zermatt Hiking adventure, we headed out our hotel door and chose an 'easy' route for our first hike. I wonder what has Mr. Wild Dingo's attention?

Chalets are Us; Zermatt Part Deux

We arrived in Zermatt in 10-15 minutes from Tasch. I'm not a skier so I was unfamiliar with how things worked in a ski village, but a car-free ski village left even more questions. Like, how the hell were we going to get to our hotel, which sat above the town?  But right off the train, […]

Un Bon Voyage à Zermatt, Mais Pour Qui?

"Whatchya got there pop? Two train tickets for peeps and two train tickets for pups to Zermatt, the best husky hiking in all of Switzerland? Oh please say it's true!"

Two Weeks Too Long

"Did you miss me Juno?" "If missing you means being ecstatic because I won't be eating salad yet again for second dinner, like we've done for the past 14 days, then yah, I missed you."

Leash Lessons

Don't practice your Olympic Ribbon Gymnastics routine with your dog's leash. "WTF is going on? Did anyone cue any music? I haven't practiced my agility in ages!" "Don't' worry Big Boy. This is just Pop's wacky leash walking style."

It Never Gets Easy

I just spent 7 days with the man in Provence. And now he heads to China tonight. Business travel sucks.

Creative Suffering

I looked like the total American trying to walk into a Coop Supermarket on Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. Nothing was open. I should have known better. It was Holy Thursday. Switzerland basically shuts almost down everything from Thursday night to Tuesday morning. So if you're out of milk, you almost have to suffer for 4 […]

Passage du Loup

"Hey Pop, read the sign above. Your kind isn't allowed down this alley." "Princess, something tells me he still can't read French---or teeth---for that matter."

My Old Man

Mr. Wild Dingo turned 50 today. I woke up this morning and kissed him goodbye for work as usual then got and my car and went to my doctor's appointment. I felt like I was forgetting something. When I got to the office, I remembered that I forgot to tell him "Happy Birthday." So I […]

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Love is the perfect pillow when you need it most.

His Dog

They're an unlikely pair. Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo. He prefers goofy, gruff, manly dogs and she prefers me. But every Sunday, the one day per week the four of us are together,  she's his and he's hers for the day. The ritual of taking her leash each Sunday has bonded them in ways beyond my imagination.

Lucerne Scared the Cr*p Out of My Dog

Seriously. It's true. And not the dog you think. Mr. Wild Dingo had a bright idea to take the dogs to Lucerne on one of his days off earlier this month. Since it's known to be one of the  most picturesque mountain towns in the world, I thought it would be a fabulous dog walking […]


On this day, 10 years ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I were performing a rumba for 160 people. Ten years ago, when we said "I do," neither one of us dreamed we'd be living abroad. Our wedding seems like a lifetime ago. The last 3,652 days have been filled with humor, happiness, stress, change, growth and […]

Just Say No

What are you looking for," asked the Turkish stranger on the street. "We're looking for the Church of Chora," we replied. "Let me show you our carpets," he said. "Why? Do you have a magic one to take us there?"

Fastest Stink Eye South of the Jura

"Why yes, I'd be delighted to look pretty and walk while you hand me some treats." Mr. Wild Dingo and Juno head out for some tricks and training time. As usual, Juno is delighted for one-on-one time with him. But then the inevitable happens.

Sexy Phoos

"I can do this with my eyes closed!" She's an entirely different dog from her first days and months with us where she showed no interest in training, or tricks and least of all, Mr. Wild Dingo. Now, nothing makes her happier than when Mr. Wild Dingo pulls out the training treats. She puts on […]

Hold Still!

The Challenge: looking high or looking low. Yesterday's shoot didn't go as planned. I was hoping to get some interesting canine snout shots from below. Instead I got this quiet moment while laying on the ground. This is so typical of Loki, talking and leaning on his favorite person. 

This is a Story of...MURDER!

I'm no green thumb. It's true. But since I'm now cooking quite heavily and enjoy using fresh herbs over dried, TravelMarx encouraged me to try caring for and growing some herbs, because what's the worst that can happen, right? I mean, I've had the dogs for almost three years now and for better or worse, they […]

Juno's Jodhpurs Revisited

  "I will tolerate you if I must."

Lost in Translation

This morning I woke up and found the dogs downstairs reading the local news. They didn't look too pleased. Let me take that back. Juno didn't look pleased. Loki, well, he just looked confused. "Hey Mom. Did you see this morning's '24 Heures'?" Why No Juno, I haven't. Why the long face?


Nine years ago today we tied the knot. Who knew where we'd be going? Who knew we'd rescue these two? Who knew I'd have to buy new shoes every few months? Who knew we'd be living in here in Switzerland? None of this was planned. The best things in life never are. Happy Anniversary Mr. […]

The Welcome Home Committee

Below is a video I took on one of Mr. Wild Dingo's home coming from a business trip shortly after we came to live here in August. The house is a bit empty and both dogs are excited to have him home. I'm posting it so the Internet knows what kind of cracker the three of us […]


We can't find a crate tall enough for Loki's ears. Pet relocation services tell us that an airline crate should be 4" taller than your dog's head and 4" longer than his body. While that's all fine and dandy, nobody gave us details on how to find a crate for a dog with gynormous ears. It's likely we'll […]

Travel Bribes

Mr. Wild Dingo is back again. After being home a total of 4 days in the past month, he came home this time stocked with bribes to keep the quadrupeds from chewin' him out. "Oh hey there Pop, it sure is nice to see you. Blah, blah, blah. Yada, Yada, Yada. Moving on...whatchya got there in that cellophane baggie?"

Welcome Home Big Daddy!

After three long weeks, Mr. Wild Dingo returned home. Both dogs were ecstatic. Even Juno showered him with kisses and wiggles, though she usually saves them only for me. So yesterday we went on a family walk to the tree farm so we could show Big Daddy how well behaved these two could be off-leash. […]

Breaking Points & Invalids

First off, we at Wild Dingo are overwhelmed with the all the warm wishes that have been tossed our way for Juno Belle. Overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes, thoughts and comments that keep rolling in. Advertisements Juno is home tonight, resting next to her cone of shame, which is there […]

A Rare Moment

Mr. Wild Dingo actually looks like he's listening to me talk.

Seven Year Itch

Some say wool or copper is the traditional gift for a 7th year wedding anniversary. Mr. Wild Dingo prefers to make his own tradition and gave me air for our 7 years of marriage. The Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blower, makes my life a “breeze.” And sadly, I’m bit addicted to my new toy.

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