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Karmic Duty

"No Princess, I don't wanna play because I have an owie on my paw."

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Protest Rally of One

Last week I brought Loki and Juno for a trial test day at Bernard's kennel. Let's face it. The place is a dog luxury spa. It has a huge garden to romp in. There are no cages. Dogs have access to the garden and house all day long and they sleep in the house. They […]

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It's Contagious

I made a mistake and didn't get Juno vaccinated. She caught it from Loki.

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A carefree afternoon on the shores of Lac Leman.

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Flooding Agoraphobia

He's a natural born beauty. If he were human, he'd be a surfer dude or model, with naturally chiseled features and six-pack abs that he didn't have to work for. Unfortunately, with such beauty comes the heavy price:

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The Return of Juno's Inner-Cracker

One of the things I love about Loki is his ability to go from zero to completely crackers in 3.5 seconds--for no reason. He'll suddenly bust into circle sprints:  tail and butt tucked under, ears flat back, mouth wide open, eyes dialed wild and paws in full-throttle. Yesterday, Juno busted out the crack-a-tude too-- for no apparent reason: Oh yeah, her body language meets all […]

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If the Shoe Fits

Oddly with a title like that, this post is not about Juno! It's about Loki. Mr. Wild Dingo often comments that I portray Loki as dumb. Then I remind him that it was he who nicknamed him Retardo Montalban. And as much as I'd love to use that name on this blog, I know it […]

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"Am I Worthy, Mango?"

"I had some words with the labrador up the street who I'm certain was in ca-hoots with the labrathugs in Mango's  'hood."

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Look Who's Cracker Now

  Rarely, do I ever catch Juno looking like or acting like a goofball, or worse, cracker. She's much too sly for the camera to catch her looking less than perfect. But every now and then, I'm able to catch her behaving just as cracked out as Loki, who is pretty much cracker whenever he's […]

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The Welcome Home Committee

Below is a video I took on one of Mr. Wild Dingo's home coming from a business trip shortly after we came to live here in August. The house is a bit empty and both dogs are excited to have him home. I'm posting it so the Internet knows what kind of cracker the three of us […]

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