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Pack Crack

"Swiss Cheeses Mom! Don't leave me! I'm comin'! Wait up!" It's never a dull moment with a pack-cracker like Loki. He has a few rules when we go out for walks:

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Dog lovers generally like or love Loki when they first meet him. They're fooled by his charm.  Even Bernard, our kennel keeper, had a mile-wide smile the first day he met him. "He's well-trained," he said. But that was before he chose to live with the whacka-cracker while we vacation. The last time we picked up the dogs after […]

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Punked Out

"Talk to the jodhpurs, Punk. This Sibe's not listening." Juno anticipates Loki's punk move. On our walks, if I'm not recalling Juno for straying too far, then the rest of my time is spent calling Loki off of Juno.  Their relationship is complicated. In the house, Juno rules supreme. On walks, Loki pulls out the punk […]

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Those Who are Nutty Do Not Get Fruit Cup

"Maladive attachée," said Bernard when we picked up the dogs last week. This trip, Loki never settled down. Bernard had many dogs this time and apparently, Loki plays really well with the big dogs, but when he wasn't playing, he was barking, crying or trying to escape.

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The Judge is in the House!

All Rise! The Honorable Loki J. Starling Judge of Cracker Critters, Mango Minster 2012 The winners of the Cracker Critter Category (say that 5 times fast, crackers) at Mango Minster 2012 are announced today. Loki had the honor of judging this year's cracker critters. I don't know what he liked best:  reading all those posts about other […]

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He's Still Got It

Look at that pansy. He's not even touching my hand. Switzerland's softened the cracker. And I told him so.

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Every Cracker Deserves the Finest Cheese

If you told me 10 years ago, I would adopt a lunatic dog from Taiwan with a serious case of crackery-nosis, maybe I would believe you. But if you told me I would be journaling his ridiculous behavior on the Web and writing in his ridiculous tough-guy Raymond Chandler voice, I'd laugh and ask you who […]

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The Fun Police Never Rest

Who are those two interlopers zooming up and down this farm trail?

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"Everything's fine here. Hope you're having fun without us. Booo-wah-ha-ha-ha!" Can someone call my neighbor and make sure the house is in one piece?

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"Bitin' isn't a disease, it's a symptom."  

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