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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks -277/365 “Princess, it's Thanksgiving Day and we should give thanks. I’m thankful for Aunt Diane to take care of us while Mom and Pop are visiting relatives today.” "Big Boy, I’m thankful you know how to open the closet door where they keep their precious flip flops and Danskos so I can show […]

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The Most Interesting Dog in the World

"I don't always cross my legs in polite company. But when I do, I burp loudly to let them know what I ate for dinner."   264/365

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The Best Way to Hit the Weekend

"Hey hipsters, let's hit this weekend high, wide and handsome!" - 257/365 

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A Cracker's Charm

A cracker's charm  -  244/365 Two walkers and two dogs approached as we walked on a single track in the forest. We moved aside and the dogs sat to let them  pass.

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Noir Friday

TGIF - 229/365 "Hey cupcake, your boots sure are laced up tight. What's your hurry?" "It's Friday Daddy-O! Just keep your claws sharp, fall in and dig the happenings!" (I think the sibe heard I was planning chicken shepherd's pie and butternut squash risotto for the weekend.)

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Temptation Revisited

Temptation Waits - 221/365

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Family Day

Family Day Hike with Mr. Wild Dingo, the cracker & the criminal! 217/365 Family Day, a Sunday tradition we started while living in Switzerland. On Sundays in Switzerland, everything is shut down and you aren't allowed to make noise or run power tools.

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Work Ethic

"Patrolling doesn't stop for the weekend!"  - 208/365 The work ethic is mighty in the cracker. Loki is over eight years old now. He's not a completely balanced dog as he still relies on me heavily for managing his incredible defense drive on walks or in public. He always looks to me first before he reacts […]

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Even the cracker meditates - 192/365

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Happy National Dog Day!

185/365 "Hey Daddy-O. Check out that squirrel shootin' us the moose eyes? That oughta motivate your piechopper. Maybe even give him the long good-bye." "Cupcake, I hear you five by five. He sure is cruisin' for a bruisin'. But deal me out. I gotta play the Iceberg act while the boss is around."   NB: […]

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