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Smooth Lines are Wasted on Smart Girls

"Hey Cupcake, in my book, you're way upstairs." For a moment she almost believes him. His face was as smooth as an angel's wing. "Ha," she replies, "Put that in writing and I'll paste it in my scrapebook."

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Deuce of Trouble

"Hey Daddy, O. Who's that black lab at the end of the bench? He's dogging us. Doesn't seem to care if we know it or not." "Cupcake, ain't nothin' you can tell me I don't already know."

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Thoughtless Thursday

I'm a day behind in posting, so instead of posting a Wordless Wednesday photo like many of the extended pack, I'm going to post a Thoughtless Thursday-- old photos that don't take much too much thought. Wild Dingo has guests this week so posting will be light for the rest of the week. I know Wild Dingo's 3 readers […]

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Friday Fivers

Remember that Go Orange Photoshoot Wild Dingo participated in a few months ago?  Well, shockingly we did not win or even make the final five. But then again, though they were rescued, they weren't rescued from an SPCA. For now, I resurrected some of the shots that didn't make the cut for the shoot. Friday Fivers […]

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Beach Blanket Bombs

"Hey Daddy-O, this class is cramping my style. Let's make like a tree and leave." "Keep talking. I got a lot of room left in my ears yet."

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Just A Typical Morning at Wild Dingo

 I grinned at her. The little husky on the floor, upside down, smiling a fluffy smile. She looked playful and eager, but not quite sure of herself, like a new kitten in a house where they don't care much for kittens.

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Modeling is Hard Work

We've been busy at Wild Dingo, photo shooting our "Go Orange" photos in support of Prevention of Animal Cruelty month. Loki and Juno are glad to support the cause. Loki is a happily working dog and has no complaints. He does his job. He gets paid. End of story. And he does his job spectacularly well. […]

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In the Dog Yard No One Can Hear You Scream

Before anyone calls the local cruelty police, take a gander at how I arrived at this month's banner. That's Loki's "Game on!" face. If you didn't know him and saw that face, you'd most likely have an accident in your pants. But when you know him, and see that face, it makes you laugh so […]

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Please Mom, I'll Never Ask For Anything Else!

Last Sunday, I broke down and got him his own dog. Not for Mr. Wild Dingo but for Loki. Just so I’d have a few free moments to myself instead of playing tug with him 24/7. Husky owner, Jim (owner of Loki’s favorite chew toy Vushkey) planted a little seed in my ear “Come by the adoption […]

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