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French Lessons at The Shooting Range

French Lessons at The Shooting Range

June 18, 2012
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"Hey Sugarlips, it's time to knock the polish off your toes!"

At the (non-active) shooting range, it's always game on for the cracker as he tries to engage the husky in a round of zoomie attacks. The stoic criminial however, stands her ground and instead of participating, meets him with verbal assualts.

"Come any closer and tu va être dans la merde, Daddy-O!"
"Princess your French is so good, but you know I don't go for that magoo. So hold onto your chair and don't step on any snakes!"

"Qu'est ce que tu m'emmerde, tu ballot!"

"I love it when you talk French to me Princess! Donnes-moi une bisou!"
"Tu est un vrai cinglé avec un case de vide! Va t'en, Big Boy!"

"Baby, that six-gun payoff sure sounds so much nicer en Français."
"Big Boy, Tu es comme un balai."

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2 comments on “French Lessons at The Shooting Range”

  1. Such a shame you're an ocean away, Loki. Abby would be so happy to have someone who liked to play zoomies as often and as long as she does. Jed at least makes a token effort, but he has no staying power. And he gets distracted so easily by birds and squirrels and such. Perhaps we should explore changing siblings?

    Jed [who thinks this is a BAD idea] & Abby

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